Have You Seen Any of These?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sightings and Stranded Dolphins Update

From so much activity to so few sightings. Although I skipped yesterdays few reports which are included below, today's are just as few. I've had a few comments and discussions regarding the Pacific White Sided Dolphin strandings, and DFO's Marine Mammal Response Network is asking for any photos to ascertain if the scratches that were seen on the Dolphins were from Transient Orca. They can either be contacted directly, or I will forward any information you might have.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Pacific White Sided Dolphins Stranding Update:
Thanks Susan.
I copied your list of sightings to add to my report of the dolphins.No word of any re-strandings so looks like a success.
I'm still looking for more pics and video from rescuers to look for evidence of killer whale tooth rake marks or other injuries.  Dolphin researchers also want ID photos of dosal fins for their catalogue.  See CHEK News story from yesterday for more on that and where to send pics. http://ow.ly/5u5Nn
As for other sightings of transient scraps, I do want to know about any dead marine mammal parts washed ashore (no matter the cause of death) because if I get other reports, I will not know the background information and therefore cannot attribute a cause of death. 
Thanks, Lisa Spaven, DFO Marine Mammal Response Network (Hotline: 1800-465-4336)

June 30:
HI Susan,
We had a report from a fisherman at 9am whales at St. Vincents Bight – eastbound. I spoke with a fishing vessel at 1130am when I got to Kelsey bay and he said they were at St. Vincent’s playing around no direction at about 10am.
I then came across a group of about 50 white sides (Dolphins - SM)– very spread out foraging in Johnstone Strait mid passage across from Yorke Island – by the time I left they were turned to the west following a sailboat.  After watching the dolphins, I continued West stopped many times to scan the area -  there was no wind and GREAT visibility.  I drove up to Eve River, then across to Broken Islands then back to Port Neville for a break. It was a strong flood tide, so I would be surprised if the orca (if that is what they were) turned  back to the west. I then drove back down Johnstone Strait – and nothing…my eyes are so tired, I was sure I would find them. But alas I did not!
 So that is the update Nice to be up that way though, we managed to avoid most of the rain.
 Fingers Crossed for tomorrow.

June 30:
Around 1 pm 50 Pacific White Sided Dolphins were reported over the radio by an unknown commercial boat.

June 30:
Around 10 am 3+ Orca were spotted at St. Vincent's Bight close to Kelsey Bay, lower Johnstone Strait by the same unknown commercial vessel.

June 29:
Wed June 29  10am
Three, possibly four Orca spotted SW of Myrtle Rocks near Texada, heading south.  Good show of flipper flapping and tail waggling.
Holly, Pebble Beach

The following two reports submitted by: Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network, Whidbey Island, WA
June 29:
J Pod Southern Resident Orca were around the San Juan Islands, WA

June 29
We had the T-49's (Transient Orca - SM) off of Sooke, BC on our return trip from San Juan Island today. They were headed East.
Russ Nicks