Have You Seen Any of These?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Transient Orca and Pacific White Sided Dolphins June 20

Sounds like the same three Transient Orca made their presence be known again in the same area they seem to prefer transiting. The Dolphins in our area are probably just trying to get past the Transient Orca so they can meet up with approximately 1000 Pacific White Sided Dolphins at the top of Johnstone Strait.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphin BC

June 20: Transient Orca Reports throughout the day:
8 pm 3 Orca by Shelter Point just South of Campbell River. Looked like T123, T 123A and possibly T123B Nick Templeman

3 pm Transients Westbound by Viner Point / Center Islet heading towards Quadra Island.
1:45 pm Transients in Sutil Channel by Hill Island.
Garry, Aboriginal Journeys

12:40 pm 3 Orca in Whale Channel - overheard on radio but too broken to hear from whom.

June 20: Pacific White Sided Dolphin Sightings:
12:40 40 to 50 Pacific White Sided Dolphins headed North-West up into Johnsont Strait by Okisollo Channel. Garry, Aboriginal Journeys
11 am 30 to 40 Pacific White Sided Dolphins by Brown's Bay, just North of Campbell River and in the Narrows. Jen, Campbell River Whale Watching

June 20 Summary received by email from Jen, Campbell River Whale Watching:
About 30 white sides in Seymour Narrows (feeding) – 11am.  Harbour Porpoise – many different groups of about two in Cordero Channel. Three transient Orca South Bound Marina Island – and 3 transient Orca N. Bound “Big Rock” in Campbell River 600pm – and heading over to Quadra Shoreline.
What an awesome day!!! Jen