Have You Seen Any of These?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Humpback Whale, Hybrid Porpoise and Dolphins

Today and yesterday we had a Humpback Whale by Campbell River, but not sure if it's the same one. Dall's Porpoises including one Hybrid was spotted today as well as Pacific White Sided Dolphins. There's one or two Common Dolphins (see report and photo below) in the San Juans and hundreds of Pacific White Sided Dolphins above Johnstone Strait. No Orca reports today or yesterday in this area, but J Pod in the South.
I also received an email from Lisa Spaven, Marine Mammal Response Biologist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada with a couple of interesting articles about the value of marine mammal stranding networks around the world. For the article click this link: Whale stranding give living species clues.  The second one is a document. I can forward the report UN Conservation Value of MM Stranding Networks from the United Nations 2005 to anyone interested. Just drop me an email requesting it.
 Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

June 14:
12:50 pm a large Humpback Whale was seen between Quadra and Vancouver Islands by Race Point. It was doing longer dives as it headed Northward against the current. It's always a great surprise when they breach, and this one did a couple of times. By 4:30 pm it was only by Maude Island, so not very far, and still doing long dives. (This may have been the same Humpback Whale from the 13th. See Below. Hope to get a photo from one of the tours for possible identification - SM)
Reports from both: Aaron, Campbell River Whale Watching and Garry, Aboriginal Journeys

June 14:
4 to 4:30 pm 6 Pacific White Sided Dolphins and a few Dall's Porpoises around the Stuart Island area.
Aaron, Campbell River Whale Watching

June 14:
2 pm 4 Dall's Porpoises including one all greyish in colour that may be a Hybrid Dall's / Harbour Porpoise cross were seen zipping about by Churchhouse in Calm Channel.
Garry, Aboriginal Journeys

June 14:
12:30 pm One or two Dall's Porpoises close to Quadra Island in Discovery Pass. Radio reception was broken, but I believe it was reported by Aaron and Jen of Campbell River Whale Watching - SM

June 13:
9:45 am A lone Humpback Whale was Southbound at Race Point. It was first thought to be a Gray Whale, but later confirmed it was a large Humpback. At 11:30 am it was around Duncan Bay, Discovery Passage.
Radio reception again was broken, but Garry, Aboriginal Journeys relayed the message from Jack, Campbell River Whale Watching

From Farther South:
June 13:
Resident (fish eating) Orca from J Pod were somewhere in the San Juan Islands, WA being very vocal. (Didn't sound like anyone made it out with them - SM)
Reports: Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network, Whidbey Island, WA

June 13
Over the weekend we were able to get some photos (see below photo) of a common dolphin that has been sighted off Boston Harbor lighthouse since 5 June. Upon comparing these photos to photos sent to us a week ago, we found that they were different animals. This is consistent with one early report of 2 dolphins, and the more recent reports of 1. It is possible that the missing dolphin did not make it, so please be on the alert for reports of unusual stranded animal in the south sound.
Best, Annie Douglas, Biologist, Cascadia Research Collective
submitted by: Susan Berta and Howard Garrett,  Orca Network,, Whidbey Island, WA

Hi Susan,
You are welcome to include the attached photo in your blog. A Common Dolphin was first reported on the Cascadia Facebook page on June 5th – this photo was taken Saturday June 11th, although appears to be a different individual than the one seen June 5th. The dolphin was seen Sunday and we have someone going out this morning (June 14) to see if it is still there. 

Common dolphin in S. Puget Sound near Olympia, WA June 11, 2011
Photo Credit as © Robin W. Baird/www.cascadiaresearch.org