Have You Seen Any of These?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sightings: Gray Whale, Dall's Porpoises, and J-Pod Orcas

Out in front of Powell River there have been no confirmed sightings of any whales or dolphins yesterday or today. I did however see what I thought was possibly a larger blow and back (Humpback?) between the mill and Harwood Island around mid-day today. Unfortunately, not seeing it again, leaves it off the "official" list.

The radio reception was bad both days also since most of the tours were heading up into the various inlets above Desolation Sound and Discovery Pass. With everyone busy looking for the Transient Orca, the reports are a bit hit and miss, but doesn't sound like anyone found them.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

June 9:
4:50 pm A Gray Whale was spotted hugging the shoreline close to Brown's Bay above Campbell River heading in a South-East direction.
Jack, Campbell River Whale Watching

June 9:
1:45 pm Dall's Porpoises around Thurtson Bay, Nodales Channel. No numbers or direction.
heard from broken snippets over the radio from one of the tours

June 8:
A few times in the day, again through broken transmissions there were Dalls Porpoises up around the Bute Inlet area.

From Farther South: submitted by: Susan & Howard, Orca Network
June 9:  
Great day today!! We had J pod a couple miles north of East Point in the Strait of Georgia. Best day of the year so far! They were a big spread, but tons of breaching everywhere you looked.
Gary Sutton, Wild Whales Vancouver

June 9:
J pod was present and playful today! We first saw the orcas at Saturna Island's East Point as both juveniles and adults took turns breaching, lob tailing and spy hopping as they slowly made their way east. Two mature males were in the lead for some time, which we believe to be the pod-mates Blackberry (J-27) and Mike (J-26). An exceptional day to be viewing wildlife and on the water!
Kirsten, naturalist for San Juan Safaris Whale Watching

June 8:
Resident Orca from J Pod were around Saturna Island off East Point.

And Farther North West:
There were reports of Pacific White Sided Dolphins and Humpbacks in the upper Johnstone Strait area.