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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Transient Photos and Update May 11

Yesterday's report didn't get out to everyone - I'm afraid it may have been my late posting in hopes of having the photos to include with it. Today you should receive both yesterday's and today's postings including AJ's photos, at once. I do apologize for the confusion and the very long subscription report. If you checked the Blog itself, the posting is shown separately.

May 11:
Hi just had a tweet from news1130 radio (around 10ish) that said some orca had made it to Brockton Pt and may have gone into English bay. I don't have any other info thought you might be able to glean a little more.
from Sue B.
(I later found out that they were also Transient Orca - Susan)

Late report from Jamie S. about some Dolphins or Porpoises Northbound by Atrevida Reef last week. No numbers, exact date, or time.

May 10:
J Pod (Southern Resident Orcas) were still in Washington State by the San Juan Islands - from Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network

Photos By and Courtesy Andrew Jennings (AJ):