Have You Seen Any of These?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Orca, Humpback, Porpoises, Branded Steller Sea Lion, Plus More

At least some Orca are around our area. Since the report came in late, no-one was left out on the water to identify them. The Superpod of Transients were by the US/Canada border yesterday (see reports below) but could have made it back up here. In addition, there were some Dalls Porpoises, a Humpback Whale, and a branded Stellers Sea Lion in the upper Georgia Strait area. A bit farther South, a Gray Whale near Gabriola Island and a Minke Whale with her calf around Victoria / East Point area. Although the waters around Powell River were quiet, there are a lot of marine mammals out there.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

May 27:
6 pm around 12 Orca were Northbound by Campbell River towards Seymour Narrows.
from Garry, Aboriginal Journeys

May 27:
2:30 pm A couple of Dalls Porpoises were spotted by Turn Island, Johnstone Strait.
from Jen, Campbell River Whale Watching

May 26:
12:40 pm a Humpback Whale was seen doing some tail lobs and splashing close to Cape Mudge. It was headed in a Southerly direction with the tide.
Report over the radio from the vessel Leta

May 26:
Another branded Sea Lion, this time a Stellers, numbered 250 F was spotted in the morning at Mttlenatch Island by AJ. The "F" brand is from Forrester Island Alaska a Steller Sea Lion natal rookery where numerous pups were branded in 1994, 1995, 2001 and 2003.

The five reports below from Orca Network :
May 25
This very overcast day, May 25th, proved to be an exceptional day for sighting wildlife, although we found no Orca. The Ocean Magic 12.15 trip settled for an elusive Minke off Hein Bank accompanied by a couple of harbour seals in tow. It was behaving just like a Minke with long dives and two to three breaths at the surface. 
Marie 'Orca-Magic' Prince of Whales. Victoria BC.

May 26
Kymberlie Devlin reports seeing three gray whales in Saratoga Passage, close to shore near Kayak Point, between Everett and Port Susan, at 11:30 today, May 26.
May 25  
On Maya's Westside Charters in the morning we encountered a gray whale north or Pollier Pass, close to shore along Gabriola Island, heading northwest.
Jeanne Hyde and Capt. Jim Maya, Maya's West Side Charters, San Juan Island, WA 

May 25
On Maya's Westside Charters in the afternoon we headed up Boundary Pass toward East Pt. where transients had been spotted. The 1st group we encountered were 4 whales, which included T19B    (I could see three other whales with him & am assuming his constant companions T18, T19 and T19C, but I didn't get pictures of them for proof of presence.) We left them and headed toward Alden Bank. Just north of Sucia Island we encountered a 2nd group: T124C, T124A, T124A2, T124A3 and T124A4. We continued on and encountered a 3rd group: T100, T100B, T100B1, T100C, T100E, T101, T101A, T101B, T102, T124, T124D, T124E, T124A1, T36, T36B,and T36B1. They changed direction and the 2nd group and the 3rd group joined up heading back in the direction of Pt. Roberts.
On our way home, traveling through Boundary Pass we encountered a 4th groupT137, T137A and T137B.  A grand total of 28 killer whales.
Jeanne Hyde, San Juan Island 
May 25
Another amazing day! We saw 27 Transient Orcas, an amazing number, on our afternoon trip into Boundary Pass and the Strait of Georgia.
Capt. Jim Maya, Maya's Westside charters, San Juan Island, WA
The above 5 reports were submitted by Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network