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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lots of Transient Orca Acrivity May 10

What a busy day! Unfortunately I never got out there, but the Whale watching and Nature tours had a great show in the rain and lumpy Georgia Strait all day today. Read on:
Susan MacKay Whales and Dolphins BC

May 10:
7:30 am Coming out of Frederick Arm (just above Desolation Sound) 20 to 25 Orca moving very rapidly Westward. Aaron with Campbell River Whale Watching was out on the water and said he was running at 15 knots to try to keep up with them. Full porpoising out of the water - spectacular sight.

Other whale watching vessels, Foghorn, Eagle Master and Tenacious 3 joined in the whale watching from their locations to be able to track these whales. By 9:30 am the Orca were into Nodales Channel still in a Westerly direction.

I received further updates from Jack during the day, heard bits from Lady Hawk (Jen) and others on the marine radio, as well as AJ later in the day. The Orca split up and spread out. Some zig zagging, some heading Southward toward Seymour Narrows and some staying above the Narrows.

By 11 am some had entered the Narrows and although the debate was "Who are these whales?" the most likely is that they were Transient Orca - but I'm known to be mistaken (too frequently to admit). There was thought of T10 or was it C10? Bottom line nothing definitive other than they weren't the A's or the J's (see other sighting reports).

By 5:15 pm there were 8 to 10 Orca by Maude - basically thay stayed in a small area for a long period of time.

May 10:
Hey Susan,
I sent too many pics to you! It's taking a long time!!! Here are the reports... pics to come I guess...

May 9 1215
Seymour Narrows, South Bound, 5-7 animals

May 9 1530(ish)
Francisco Pt (South end of Quadra Is)
Milling around 500m from the point, 10-12 animals

May 10 1740
Race Pt (Seymour Narrows), South bound, 10ish animals
In other news:
There's a California Sea Lion with a brand (C435) that's been spotted on Major Rock, off of Lund, for the past few days - I am looking into where the brand came from since there are a number of Sea Lions that were branded quite a while ago to monitor their travels. Photo and report from Gordie Coles:

The Harbour Porpoise that Vancouver Aquarium Rehab received a couple of weeks ago is still hanging in there, but hastn't been swimming on it's own yet without the support of the makeshift cradle....will keep you posted.

Today's Report from Orca Network:
J pod reports from Neah Bay yesterday and the San Juan Islands today, some amazing reports and photos of orcas in (Hotham Sound May 1st) BC, likely Transients, Orcas reported off Bainbridge Island tonight, and porpoise and a HUGE radar under tow.
Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network

Please Note: Neither Whales and Dolphins BC nor I personally am affiliated with Campbell River Whale Watching, Orca Network or any other group I might mention from time to time. I just feel that if these people and businesses are taking the time to make sure we have a central sightings forum, they should get credit. They, like anyone who contributes, should be patted on the back for participating.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC
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