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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Groups of Orcas and Pacific White Sided Dolphins

A couple of groups of Transient (meat eating) Orca have been hanging around in the Powell River to Campbell River area often using Baker Passage and the shoals around Savary Island. The occasional group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins manage to move quickly through the area, but there seem to be fewer than usual pods.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

July 10:
Just (around 5 pm) looked off our deck and a pod of Orcas was passing. We figured there were at least 3 but an ecotourism boat out of Lund thought there were more. Maybe 5 or 6. I think one was smaller than the others. They were between us and the top end of the Copelands, not 50 yards away. We watched them until they passed Bliss when they seemed to disappear but they were obviously headed up to Sarah Point area. There was a small aluminum boat watching them which got pretty close and may have scared them down.
Very exciting.

July 10: 
3:30 pm The second group of around 6 - 8 Orca were spotted by Dinner Rock, just South of Lund heading in a Northerly direction.
John Treen, Savary Island

July 10:
1 pm till around 5 pm one group of 6 Transient Orca were found around the Francisco Point, Sutil Channel area and very slowly made their way only as far as between the Breton and Read Islands.
Reported by Garry, Aboriginal Journeys

July 10:
A few tours were with them and Jack, Campbell River Whale Watching ID'd one of the Transient Whales as T49C and being the same group as yesterday, July 9th. See photos below.

July 10:
10:20 am 20 -25 Pacific White Sided Dolphins mid Strait by Deep Water Bay / Okisollo Channel area. 
Jack, Campbell River Whale Watching

July 10:
8 am Around 8 Pacific White Sided Dolphins were moving quite quickly in a Southerly direction towards Grief Point in front of Powell River.
Steve Grover, Powell River

 Transient July 9, 2011 
Photo: Jack Springer, Campbell River Whale Watching
 Transient July 9, 2011 
Photo: Jack Springer, Campbell River Whale Watching

July 9:
Last report I got on the 6 Transients was at 7 pm King Islets which is in between Quadra and Read Islands in  Hoskyn Channel.  I'm out a 11 am tomorrow. I hope Orcas are close again.
July 9:
10:40 A second group of 6 to 8 Transient Orca were spotted mid channel between Atrevida Reef, just North of Powell River heading towards Mystery Reef off the South side of Savary Island and continuing North-West.
John & Joan Treen, Savary Island

July 9: 
7:30 am and throughout the day (see above report from Garry) most of the tours managed to find the 6 Transient Orca which were first spotted just off Cape Mudge by Francisco Point.
AJ, Painter's Lodge

July 8:
Hi Susan.  Here is a photo taken by Alex Haukaas yesterday (July 8) of the Orcas seen between Green's point (local name for Mace Point, Savary Island-SM) and the Iron Mines.  As you can see they came very close to the boat and Karsten was just thrilled.  He was just vibrating when he came back to tell us about it.   I think this will be one of his first memories for sure. 
Cheers Dulcie
Transient Orca by Iron Mines July 8, 2011
Photo taken by Alex Haukaas

July 8 & 9 Submitted by: 
Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network, Whidbey Island, WA
On July 8th J and K Pods passed by Lime Kiln Lighthouse heading south between 4:30 and 5:15 PM. Most whales were quite a ways offshore, and there was a lot of breaching going on. The whales were pretty backlit, but from my photos I was able to ID K20, K38, K25, J2, J14, J30, J37, J26, and J17.
On July 9th around 2 PM K-Pod headed south past Lime Kiln. K21 was among the leaders and gave two huge breaches a little
ways offshore. I also saw K27 with calf K44, K25, K12, and K14, K26 (who is HUGE), and K42 traveling in a tight group together.
Both days there were rumors that it was a superpod heading towards San Juan Island from up north, and obviously that didn't quite materialize on either day. I'll be interested to see other reports to figure out where the Ls and Js ended up!
Monika Wieland, San Juan Island