Have You Seen Any of These?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Northern Resident Orca, Transient Orca, Dolphins, Porpoises and Humpback Whales

Northern Resident Orca finally coming into the inside waters of the upper Johnstone Strait area as well as some around Campbell River. The Transient Orca are still around the upper Georgia Strait and Campbell River area too. Some Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Dall's Porpoises and Humpback Whales reports as well. Things are picking up in the sightings departments all over the inside waters.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

July 20: Transient (meat eating) Orca

7 am 6 Transient Orca half mile off the beach by Shelter Point between Campbell River and Oyster River heading Northward.

8:24 am 7 – 8 Transients by Cape Mudge still heading North-West.
AJ, Oak Bay Hurricane

9 am T020 & T021 confirmed as being somr of the Transient Orca now passing Campbell River heading North-West.
Later, after going up the inlets and coming out through Nodales Channel (see also Dolphin report below) back into the top of Discovery Passage, the tour was lucky to watch as three Orca breached all at once. Since everyone was having a “lunch” break, no-one had cameras ready for that one. There was lots of rolling and tail slapping and socializing. The Transients then decided to turn back South-East travelling at around 6 knots by April Point, across from Campbell River at 4 pm.

July 20: Dall's Porpoises

8:27 am Lone Dall's Porpoise across from Kelsey Bay, Johnstone Strait foraging in tide line.
10:46 2 Dall's Porpoise Easting by Adam River, Johnstone Strait
10:51 3 Dall's Porpoise Easting by Cedarstedt River, Johnstone Strait
10:53 am 2 Dall's Porpoise Westing by Escape Reef, Johnstone Strait
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

July 20: Pacific White Sided Dolphins

2 pm 30 to 40 Pacific White Sided Dolphins were speed foraging in Nodales Channel.

July 20: Northern Resident (fish eating) Orca

We knew the A23's Resident Orca had made it up as far as Robson Bight and had turned back East at 7 am. It was pea soup fog from Helmken Island with occasional break to be able to see a bit of shoreline. We had been looking for the whales, as much as we could through the fog and breaks; us going West and Lukwa, out of Stubbs Island Whale Watching coming East. We couldn't find them, but then we got the following report.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

10:25 am 3 Orca reported in the fog just by Millie Island, Port Neville heading East towards Campbell River. Reported by a passing sailing vessel

1:45 pm Vessel reported to Garry, Aboriginal Journeys that there were 8 or 9 Orca Eastbound by Camp Point.

3:30 pm Report of Northern Resident Orca coming in along the Queen Charlotte Strait side of Malcolm Island from the Coast Guard 508 fast response boat.

4:30 pm We met up with the B10's and A30's Resident Orca pods between Stubbs Island and the Plumper Islands as they turned down Weynton Passage and headed down into Johnstone Strait. We left them around 5:30 pm by Bauza Cove, just outside Telegraph Cove heading East down the Strait.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

5:30 pm Report of A23's Resident Orca were Easting by Chatham Point Lighthouse just north of Campbell River.
Marie, Orca Lab

July 20: Humpback Whales

Around 3:30 pm 2 large Humpback Whales were travelling and blowing in unison by Weynton Reef entering Weynton Pass up to the Plumper Islands. What a treat to be around Humpbacks again.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC