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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Transient Orca and Photo Contest

Reports of Transient Orca still around, some Harbour Porpoises, Pacific White Sided Dolphins and a couple of photos of a Humpback and Orca - not together. Quite the Dolphin / Orca story below that needs follow up. There's a great photo contest put on by the Living Oceans Society, a non-profit dedicated to ocean conservation on the BC Coast. Information below.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

July 14:
Hi Susan
Today we had 6 harbour porpoise near Dent Rapids at 1:30 pm and 10 white sided dolphins near Separation Head at 4pm foraging on herring. Was a report of Orcas by the Tachek (ferry) near Heriot Bay at 11:30 am. We never got the report until 2:30 though and never found them.

July 14:
Today we had nothing... like NOTHING. I think as far as marine mammals Garry had 3 harbour porpoise at the SW side of Cordero Ch. Other than that it was a bear day along the Arran Pt Rapids wall in Bute Inlet!! Sow and 2 COYs (Cubs of the year, 1 year olds).
AJ, Painter's Lodge

July 13:
I found 3 transients in the S end of Wallbore Ch right near Bulkely Is. They made their way E, all the way down to Frederick Arm. Joel and Mark on the Tenatious 3 and Eaglemaster were with them till about 1830-1900. Eaglemaster said they were on their way out and possibly heading E into Nodales Ch.
AJ, Painter's Lodge

July 13:
1:20 pm 12 Pacific White Sided Dolphins were heading South through Seymour Narrows.
Garry, Aboriginal Journeys

July 13:
Left the 3 Transient Orcas at Phillips Arm 3:40 pm. There was one large male and two females.

July 13:
Good morning Susan
3 Transient Orca in Chancellor Channel, east bound. Aaron is with them as well as AJ. They think they have the small one with the scoliosis.
PS I’ll send you some pictures of yesterday – one had a dorsal fin tag!

Large male Transient Orca T056 from July 12th.
Photo by Garry, Aboriginal Journeys

July 12:
Jack found 14 Transients between Read Is and Quadra Is around Conville Pt. They made their way up through Beazley Passage (Surge Narrows) and up Okisollo Ch. They then split up... I believe DMS was back out with some of them at 1700ish and had a crazy story about them chasing a LAG (Pacific White Sided Dolphin – SM) onto the rocks... trying to get at the dolphin, the orca were spyhopping and breaching next to it... they finally gave up and a couple fisherman saved the dolphin... (ask them for more details, I heard it from Flyguy)
AJ, Painter's Lodge

July 11:
I found a Humpback (see photo below) right at Tibbs Pt E point of Raza Is. I was with him for an hour or so, then DMS found him again on the main land side.
AJ, Painter's Lodge

Humpback Whale July 11, 2011
Photo by Andrew Jennings

Photo Contest:
Living Oceans Society, a non-profit dedicated to ocean conservation on the BC Coast, is hosting its second annual digital photo contest. Whether you're a camera-toting novice or a professional shutterbug, everyone loves a good photo. Your pictures will help Living Oceans Society show the beauty of the ocean that we’re working to protect. So why not share your favorite ocean photos with us?
Submissions must fall into one of two categories to qualify: 'Ocean Ecosystems' or 'Working on the Ocean'.  Entries must be recent (June 1, 2009 onward) and must be located within North America's Pacific Ocean, which includes the coastline and open ocean from Southern Mexico to Alaska. Photographs will be judged on exposure, composition, uniqueness, creativity, technical proficiency and relevance to chosen theme. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted. Winners will be announced on October 18, 2011.
No purchase necessary. Contest open to Canadians excluding Quebec residents. There are two first place prizes: two Nikon Coolpix L24 cameras, retail value $110 each, and two second place prizes: two LOS Seahugger T-shirts, retail value $25 each. Contest closes on September 30, 2011. The winner will be announced on October 18, 2011.