Have You Seen Any of These?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Humpback Whale, Transient Orcas, Resident Orca Updates

Another great day to be on the water. Reports include one large Humpback Whale and around twelve Transient Orca. Farther South there was a Superpod of Southern Resident Orca by Active Pass and farther North-West there were reports of Northern Residents making an appearance in Johnstone Strait.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

July 8:
8:47 am Large Humpback Whale blow spotted just West of Mitlenatch Island heading Southward. By 9:15 am the Humpback Whale was down by Sentry Shoal still Southbound.
There were a few tours out there including AJ from Painter's Lodge

July 8:
Another great Transient Orca Day.

9:05 am 4 Orca by Kanish Bay just above Campbell River heading North-West.
Jeff, Painter's Lodge

Reports came in that there were up to 12 Transient Orca around Deep Water Bay - the tours were looking.
Most radio reception broke off since the tours wound up in the inlets and traveled as far as Kelsey Bay in Johnstone Strait.

5:30 pm 8 Transient Orca including a calf were between Savary Island and Lund heading towards Powell River.
Dulcie Macdonald, Savary Island

6:30 pm 4 Adult Transient Orca and one calf had been splashing about on a possible kill between the East side of Harwood Island and the Mainland. They were headed southward towards the Powell River Mill and Ferry Terminal but took a long dive. (While on the phone, we located the Whales again as they got closer to the Ferry Terminal - SM)
Terry Brown & Jude Abrams (spelling?) aboard the SV Blue Parrot

7:20 pm Difficult to prepare dinner while watching the perfectly lit blows from the 10 to 12 Orca as they cruised past Westview towards Grief Point. Dinner guests and I enjoyed the show.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

July 8: Northern Resident Orca
Reports that a few pods of Northern Resident Orca came into the upper Johnstone Strait area today and late in the day, headed back out towards the West.

Southern Resident Orca
Following reports submitted by: Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network, Whidbey Island, WA

July 7:
About 7:20 this evening, 20+ orcas went east through Active Pass. As they entered the Pass, their poofs were nicely backlit. The tide was running so fast that they just zoomed by us. It was the fastest whale show ever!
Karoline Cullen, Galiano Island, BC, Cullen Photos

July 7
The rumors of a superpod have been confirmed.  For about 45 minutes this morning, orcas paraded by, headed north.  While some were porpoising their way north either single file or in small groups, others were headed north at slower speeds but in larger groups. In the middle of all the porpoising action, there was a small resting group.  Meanwhile, some orcas were lying on their backs, slapping their tails.  I believe I saw some Js, some Ks, and some Ls -- too many to count.  Some were closer to shore, but others were probably nearly a mile off shore.
Later this afternoon I started hearing vocalizations on the OrcaSound hydrophone.  It appeared that there were orcas lingering west of Kellett BluffA few other orcas were porpoising from the south. 

Jane Cogan, San Juan Island, WA