Have You Seen Any of These?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Whales and Dolphins Everywhere!

Whales and Dolphins everywhere! Tides and islands still causing delays in postings. Low tide doesn't allow access to email or internet, high tide works, sort of, if the boat's turned in the right direction. I do apologize for the delays.

Northern Resident Orca

September 2:

8:45 am Around 7 Orca by Howe Island heading West towards Chatham Point.
Fog Horn, Jeff

10 am 30 to 50 Orca heading East towards Johnstone Strait from around Port Hardy.
Bill Mackay, Mackay Whale Watching

10 am Orca possibly A30's at Ransom Point Port Neville.
Pleasure boat – couldn't catch the name

Well, left A36's and A12 Westing foraging at Petersen Island, Kelsey Bay. A34's were 1-2 miles behind all morning as well. A34's stopped for a brief rub at Camp Pt at 12:45 And reports early this morning at 10 am of Orcas westing at Camp Pt. My guess it was A30's (report continues under Pacific White Sided Dolphins)
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

September 1:

9 am 6 – 8 Orca in Nodales Channel by fishfarm.
Fishfarm employee

11:30 am Orca some tall fins (males) spread out from Sonora Point into Frederick Arm Westing. (turned out to be A12 & the two A36's with the 9 A34's)
radio transmissions

1 pm A30's 10 Orca Eastbound towards Kelsey Bay.
Radio relayed report

1:30 pm 2 groups of Orca consisting of 4 -5 in each group were Easting by Kelsey Bay.
Kelsey Bay Port Authority

August 31:

7:45 am Orca in Nodales Channel, Hall Point Westing – A12/A36's/poss. A30's or A34's – There were 2 calves, 2 females and 2 males for sure.
Broken Radio transmission

12 pm A12/36's and A30's or 34's were still Westing when we left them.
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

4:15 pm 12 to 15 Orca at Ripple Point heading East into Nodales Channel.
Garry Henkel, Aboriginal Journeys

Transient Orca

September 2:

10:30 am Transients T10's just outside Telegraph Cove.
Radio relay

It was assumed I caught the radio transmissions regarding finding the Transient Orca, so no time for first encounter. - SM

(continued from Pacific White Sided Dolphins report)
1 pm Transients now at Dolphins Resort Northbound
Well I left at 1615 and the T's who I would assume to be T19B's - 4 animals T19B for sure. They were headed north through Seymour Narrows.
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

September 1:

(continued from Dall's Porpoise Report)
1:30 pm 8 Transients T100's and T142 by Mitlenatch Island headed first towards Whilby Shoals, Cape Mudge then turned to go between Marina and Cortez Reefs. They turned out again and headed along the North side of Marina Island headed towards Plunger Pass, by Whaletown, Cortez Island then abruptly disappeared only to pop up again close to Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island. From there they crossed again to Read Island then back towards Plunger Pass. I left them at almost 5 pm.

1722 hrs The last tour boat with the T100's and T142 them left them just off Marina Island heading back down towards Mitlenatch Island.

August 31:

1:45 pm 4 -5 Orca off the SW side of Savary Island on the reefs heading West towards Sentry Shoal.
Leslie Roberts, Savary Island

Pacific White Sided Dolphins

September 2:

1 pm Sounds like 200+ Pacific White Sided Dolphins at Erasmus Island Cordero Channel that we are now headed down to find. Great morning!
3 pm It was spectacular! I would say 250 or so dolphins. Left them at Cordero Resort easting. Later I heard they may have continued east out of Nodales this afternoon (report continues under Transient Orca)
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

September 1:

9 am Large group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins off Marina Island.
Tugboat operator

10 am around 4 groups of Pacific White Sided Dolphins feeding on the herring headed North by Oyster River towards Campbell River.
Commercial vessel

12:30 pm 6 – 8 Dolphins by Brown's Bay, Campbell River.
Radio transmission

August 31:

8 am Hi Susan, 2 friends reported seeing dolphins swimming through Lang Bay at 8 this morning headed to Black Point. One friend was fishing and he could hear them breathing as they passed by his boat. They are not sure of the numbers but I don't think close to the 500 or so you saw earlier in the summer.

1 pm 6 Pacific White Sided Dolphins, mostly juveniles were foraging by Village Bay in Hoskyns Channel.

1335 hrs 6 Dolphins in Phillips Arm and
1400 hrs 30 to 40 Pacific White Sided Dolphins foraging in Nodales Channel, Sonora and Hall Point.
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

1:45 pm 25 Dolphins foraging by Separation Head, close to Seymour Narrows.
Eagle XXX

5:30 pm 20 Dolphins on the South side of Beazley Pass.

Dall's Porpoise

September 2:

10:20 am 2 Dall's Porpoise by Chatham Point.
Radio transmission

September 1:

12:14 pm 6 Dall's Porpoise with at least one juvenile stopping to rest on the surface then moving closer to Marina Island. Soon after I saw the Transient Orca, so I assume they had been chased and were just catching their breath. (see also Transient Orca Report)

August 31:

6 Dall's Porpoise by Okis Island, Okisollo Channel.