Have You Seen Any of These?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Earthquakes and Whales

Today's 6.6 magnitude earthquake seemed to keep the Transient Orca in one spot, Campbell River area, for most of the day. Fog, Orca and Humpbacks in the upper Johnstone Strait area and Transient Orca, Pacific White Sided Dolphins and some Wolves below Johnstone Strait.

Northern Resident Orca

September 9:

A report filtered down that there were some Northern Resident Orca in the upper Johnstone Strait area during the earthquake. Apparently they had been chatty and became very quiet during the quake. Sounds underwater are amplified and a quake can sound like a very large explosion.

September 8:

9 am Fog and Orca in upper Johnstone Strait.
Through radio transmissions

Transient Orca

September 9:

7:40 am 2 Orca were Northbound by Cape Mudge, just below Campbell River. By 8 am a second group of 3 - 4 Orca was spotted. (This is the same area the same two Transients were left last evening. SM)
Commercial vessel report

9:15 am The 3 - 5 Orca including T20 and T21 were Westing by Race Point. Left at Maude Island.
Garry Henkel, Aboriginal Journeys

10:30 am Orca by the Painter's Lodge dock.

11 am Additional 4 Transients were Southbound (Easting) through Seymour Narrows.

1 pm 2 Orca were Westing in the tide rips of Quathiaski Cove, Campbell River.
Commercial Vessel Report

3 pm 3 – 4 Orca were Westing in front of Campbell River and by 4 pm the were by Orange Point.

5:50 pm 3 Orca all small fins, Westing by Race Point to Maude Island.
Garry Henkel, Aboriginal Journeys

As a note: there were only ever a total of 6 Transient Orca including T20 and T21 with the others unidentified accounted for during the day, but they seemed to stay virtually in one small area all day and even from the previous day.

September 8:

11:15 am 5 Transient Orca Northbound off Cape Mudge headed towards Discovery Passage.
Vessel Tantramar

12 pm 5 – 6 Transients turned Southbound between red can buoy off Cape Mudge and Mitlenatch Island.
Tenacious 3

2 pm Transients between green can buoy and Smelt Bay, Cortez Island heading up Sutil Channel, then back and forth.
Eagle XXX

3:45 pm Only 2 of the Transients were located between the red and green buoys off Cape Mudge. By 4:45 pm T20 and T21 were by Whiskey Point on the Quadra side doing 6 knots West.
Garry Henkel, Aboriginal Journeys

Pacific White Sided Dolphins

September 8:

11 am Dolphins around Windy Point and Wellbore Passage. No numbers or direction.
Broken radio transmissions

Coastal Wolves

September 8:

This may not be a cetacean sighting, but it's nice to see some our once hunted coastal inhabitants returning to the areas. SM

9:30 am 5 – 6 Coastal Wolves on Maurelle Island shoreline.
Garry Henkel, Aboriginal Journeys

Humpback Whales

With hopes of more sightings of the possible Humpback Whale around Powell River, the only reports are those from the upper Johnstone Strait / Broughton's where they are still seeing Humpback Whales regularly every day – even if it is through the fog. Since I'm no longer up in the area, I do not have the daily count of unique Humpback Whales in that area.

Following submitted by:
Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network, Whidbey Island, WA

Southern Residents and Transients

September 7
John Boyd on the Western Prince reports Js & Ks are doing the "westside shuffle" today off San Juan Island, and some Transients are 4 miles offshore of SJI.

September 7
5PM - T's near race Rocks as well.
Andrew Lees

Offshore Orca

September 6
As I text this, 20+ Kawkawin [orcas] heading up the coast, 12nm off Lennard Is. (west coast of Vancouver Island). Acting like res. Images tomorrow AM.
Rod (Palm)
Looks like offshores to me. I would be interested in any other photos from this encounter. Cheers, Graeme