Have You Seen Any of These?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dall's Porpoise. Transient Orca, Pacific White Sided Dolphins and Coastal Wolves

Dall's Porpoise were top on the list of sightings in our areas today. The Resident Orca had all made it to the upper Johnstone Strait and farther West. The Transient Orca were doing their 'find me if you can' trick Sept. 13th, and Pacific White Sided Dolphins were spotted only briefly.

Transient Orca

September 12:

9:50 am 2 Transient Orca were in Hoskyns Channel headed into Whiterock Pass. It was the same sub-adult or sprouter and a female as yesterday (the 11th).

2:45 pm The 2 Transient Orca were by Kanish Bay heading south. (They could have come out through either Okisollo or Nodales Channel – SM)
Warren, Tenacious 3 on radio with Kurt, Campbell River Whale Watching

5:30 pm Transients had made it through Seymour Narrows and were left by Cape Mudge still heading South.
Garry Henkel, Aboriginal Journeys

Resident Orca

September 13 and 12:

Resident Orca were all in the upper Johnstone Strait and Queen Charlotte Strait areas somewhere in the fog.

Dall's Porpoise

September 13:

10:15 am 5 to 6 Playful Dall's Porpoise were just outside the Discovery Marina, Campbell River.

10:30 am 10 or more Dall's Porpoise were zipping back and forth, foraging, just at the entrance to Nodales Channel.
Fog Horn, Jeff

September 12:

3:45 pm 4 Dall's Porpoise were Northbound by Granite Point, Discovery Passage. (Transients were in the area heading South at the time - SM)
Unknown source

Pacific White Sided Dolphins

September 13:

9 am Couple of groups of Dolphins by Ripple Point. No numbers or direction.
Pleasure boat

Coastal Wolves

September 12:

8:30 am Again, although not really part of the cetacean family, it is of interest that another pack of small Coastal Wolves were spotted by Greensey Bay above Campbell River. For those unaware, they feed on the dead salmon that wash back out of rivers after spawning. They are probably on the lookout for their high protien annual feast.