Have You Seen Any of These?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lots of Dolphins, Possible Gray or Humpback Whale, Orca and Dall's

And Poof, the Transient Orca have disappeared again. The Northern Resident Orca were back up at the top of Johnstone Strait, but a very large group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins were close. Also a late report on a possible Gray or Humpback Whale sighting in Powell River. Again a reminder that the entangled Humpback Whale is still out there, so please keep your eyes open for it and either call me at 604-483-8323 or the Marine Mammal Distress Hotline at 1-800-465-4336 immediately.

Northern Resident Orca

September 7:

9 am A30 and A5 Matrilines of Northern Resident Orca had made their way up to the top of Johnstone Strait. Later on, we had the A30's Easting at Sophia Islands to Forward Bay, Johnstone Strait. Also, some of the A5's were Eastbound on the Vancouver Island shore at Naka Creek.
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

Pacific White Sided Dolphins

September 7:

12:30 pm 400 to 500 Pacific White Sided Dolphins were Eastbound by Hickey Point, Port Neville, Johnstone Strait.

Over 500 Dolphins this morning at Eve River Eastbound! Amazing to see. Lots of juveniles. (After being with the Orca see report above), around 3:30 pm: We just left the mob of Lags (short for Latin name) again foraging in front of Kelsey Bay slowly Westing! An absolutely fantastic September day!
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

Dall's Porpoise

September 7:

3 pm 3 Dall's Porpoise were foraging by the entrance to Bute Inlet.
Garry Henkel, Aboriginal Journeys

Transient Orca

September 7:

Although tours were looking for them throughout the day, the Transients, once again managed to avoid being spotted today.

September 6:

6:50 pm Some Transients showed up around Marina Island, just off Cortez Island.

Gray or Humpback Whale ?

September 7: (late report)

Yesterday (Sept. 6th) morning we sighted a single, large, small dorsal-finned whale off Grief Point in Powell River & heading north. He was moving quite slowly, and stayed under for long periods at a time. When he did come up, he just crested the water, so we didn’t get a very clear look at him. Someone thought he might be a gray & another that he might be a humpback. We wasn’t dark-coloured like an Orca, more grey. I just found the Province article about an entangled humpback, but we certainly weren’t close enough to see whether or not our whale had any gear on him. Those people who live right on the beach at the point weren’t familiar with a whale like this one. Someone did get photos.
It’s an amazing blessing to see these beautiful creatures!
Madeleine Field