Have You Seen Any of These?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Orca Sightings and Whale Updates to April 29

April 29:
AJ was out on the water today running a water taxi from Campbell River. We spoke a few times during the day with hopes that someone would locate the Orca, thought to be Transient (meat eating) Killer Whales he spotted early in the morning. All my scanning the waters around Powell River produced only a sighting of a couple of Sea Lions. This is his email this evening:
Hey Susan,
I never did find those Orca. So here's my sighting report.

0740 Apr 29 2011
3+ Orca North Bound from April Point resort on Quadra Island

Keep scanning! And work hard! :)

April 29:
Also hear rumours of a Humpback Whale arriving from the East (from the Sunshine Coast up Johnstone Strait) into the upper Johnstone Strait area. Maybe the whale I saw a few days ago?
Susan MacKay Whales and Dolphins BC 

April 27:
The A5 pod of Orca we had down here previously made their way back up Johnstone Strait and into Blackfish Sound. late in the day.
Susan MacKay

April 28::
Transient orca reports from the San Juan Islands, as well as Orca reports from South Africa!
Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network 
April 26 from South Africa:
We spotted two large Orcas ( at least - may have been four) yesterday 26 April 2011 at about 4.30pm off Plettenburg Bay, Western Cape. They were fairly close to shore swimming from Lookout Beach and round across Robberg.  I think they were disturbed by motor boat and kyak at got close to them. They then moved out to sea. Just prior to spotting them there was a huge school of smaller dolphin moving in the same direction. I would love to know if a sighting in this area is unusual and if this pod was migratory.
Regards, Susan O'Keeffe
And Gray Whales:
April 28
We saw two gray whales in front of the house--north end of Beverly Beach--about 5:15 this evening.  Neighbors to the south reported seeing three; they have a better view.  Whales making their way north, feeding, blowing and rolling. 
Sally and Tom Cahill, Whidbey Island, WA also submitted by:Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network