Have You Seen Any of These?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Orca and more Orca Reports to April 18

April 18 - No reports today, but again I thought I saw a blow during one of my scans of the ocean....keep looking, they're out there.There are many Transient (meat eating) Killer Whales along our coast right now. They do seem to be everywhere from the US to well into Johnstone Strait.

April 17 - There were at least 3 Orca right around noon including at least one large male moving quickly, with lots of splashing Southbound in front of Powell River towards Grief Point. Could not get a definite count from anyone.

April 17th Report:
The Transient orca "superpod" is still swimming around the Strait of Georgia and the San Juan Islands- we have several reports of them from the past several days, including Graeme Ellis' accounting of the ~31 Transients that were in Sansum Narrows and Ladysmith Harbor on  the 15th.
Also a report of Offshore orcas off the California coast, Pacific White Sided dolphins in BC, and Gray whales around Whidbey Island.
 From: Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network

April 16 - Just heard of a report -We had transients at Oyster Bay - 3 pm and then Salmon Point - 5 pm on Saturday. This is between Campbell River and Black Creek on the Vancouver Island side of Georgia Strait.

April 16 - Just hear of another report of 6 Orca entering in Havannah Channel around 4 pm near the top end of Johnstone Strait from Bill and Donna MacKay who operate MacKay Whale Watching out of Port McNeill on Vancouver Island