Have You Seen Any of These?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Northern Resident Orca Sightings April 25

More Orca sightings today. The weather wasn't quite as nice as the other day, but the water was calm. The big surprise is that these whales are from the A5 pod of Northern Resdient (fish eating) Orca. We haven't seen them around for a while so it's quite exciting. After the last report, I kept scanning the waters, but could not locate them. If they passed by Powell River, they hid pretty well. Some photos below from earlier today by Peter Jennings..
Susan MacKay - Whales and Dolphins BC

April 25:
Around 4:30 pm 8 or 9 Orca spotted just past Dinner Rock (north of Powell River and just below Lund). They were resting on the surface then slowly moving southward and disappeared.
From John and Joan on Savary Island

April 25:
Hi Susan
We are at Bliss (North of Lund) and saw some whales or dolphins today. Judy says they were Orcas but I think they were too small. I think they were white sided dolphins They came right by our place. Have you had Orca reports lately?
John B.
Hi John,
Yes we have - 2pm by Yucultas and 4:30 pm by Dinner Rock - had to get by you somewhere along the line. They seem to have disappeared - possibly back up your way???? Please let me know.

April 25:
Hey Guys,
I saw some Orca today at 1340 in the Yuculta Rapids. I'm quite sure they were the same as the ones Jack came across on Saturday around Waddington Channel. Here are some still pics them.

(Photo credits: Roger Jennings)