Have You Seen Any of These?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Transient Orca, Dalls Porpoises - Sightings to Apr 19

Guess my intermittent sightings of blows was something! We've had Orcas spotted in the Powell River to Vancouver Island area for a number of days. We mostly seem to spot them when they appear to be going in a southerly direction, but I do believe they turn around and are some of the same ones spotted over the past few days.....Great reports everyone - keep up the sightings to share.

April 19:
4 Orca spotted by Grief Point, Powell River. They appeared to be in stealth mode, disappearing for long periods of time. They were close in to shore heading towards Beach Gardens Marina. One larger male and one juvenile in the mix. I watched to see if they'd come closer to Westview, but nothing till too dark. Since we've had around the same number for the past few days in the area, they may be Transient (meat eating) Killer Whales that have found a food source too good to leave.

April 19:
Heard a report from Hurricane Jack, Campbell River Whale Watching, of some porpoises earlier in the day by Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island, off Capbell River... could have been the same Dalles Porpoises from an earlier report.

April 19:
Hi there. A FB friend, Laila (last name removed since not provided directly by person named), gave me this site after seeing a couple photo's I took of 3 Orca's while at the Beachgarden's in Powell River today. They were heading south. I think I may have seen the big male you mentioned. He is huge.From Wendy P.

April 19:

HI, we just saw 3 Dall's Porpoises heading north into Thulin Passage, at the beginning of the Copeland Is Marine Park, just north of Lund. It was a positive id as there are no other Whales or Porpoises with their distinct white tipped dorsal fin. Exciting!! From Anonymous at 10:45 am
April 19:
Not really sure how to report to you but did post a comment on one of your blog posts.  There was a pod of orcas heading north on Sunday, April 17th we spotted them off of the Beach Gardens around 3:40 pm but way out there.  At least 6, including one very large male from what we could see through the scope.  They looked to be feeding, disappearing for 5 minutes or so and then reappearing in same area.  A couple of spy hops from the smaller whales then they slowly headed north, so I texted my friend and she spotted them off the 5 pm ferry to Vanc. Island “close enough to touch”.
Love the updates, thanks, Margaret
I haven't put my phone number on line to this point, but as I replied to Margaret, if anyone sees a whale, dolphin or porpoise, I would love a phone call as soon as possible to work together on these sightings, and possibly get some ID photos if they're in the area. My number is 604-485-9138
And, From the US:
Transient orcas  today were reported in Admiralty Inlet and Puget Sound, heading south, as well as some up by Patos Island and more reports of what sound like small Transient pods up further north in BC. Also several Gray whales have been wandering Saratoga Passage and Holmes Harbor today, and reports of Grays off Port Ludlow, WA and Lincoln City, OR as well.
Susan Berta and Howard Garrett, Orca Network