Have You Seen Any of These?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Humpback Whale Sightings Nov 17 to Nov 20

Nov 20 - Confirmed sighting of 2 humpback whales heading towards Lund from the bottom of Savary Island at around 4pm. No idea if these are different animals or not.
At around 9pm 3 distinct blows were heard tight in to shore by Sevilla Island off of Lund. Humpbacks will find a safe place to rest, and were probably between the rock just of the island and Sevilla Island itself since they were not on the move.

Nov 20 - Morning scans of the water. I could have sworn I saw two distinct blows, but never saw the type of whale. This was between Rebecca Rocks and Harwood Island heading towards Vivian Island just on the west end of Harwood - all just off of Powell River.

Nov 19 - Unfortunately, no sightings. There were a lot of birds around Atrevida Reef as well as around Rebecca Rocks to Harwood Island.

Nov 18 - Only saw one blow and back briefly. Again, I assume it's still the same humpback whale. Guess timing was off from scanning the waters to spotting whales.

Nov 17 - Looks like Crescent the humpback is still around - thought I saw a second blow?? A later report said they were watching and had a lovely breach - great shore sighting!