Have You Seen Any of These?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Humpback Hummingbirds & Snow Nov 21 to Nov 25 Sightings

With the snow, it's been difficult to see the water and most people spent most of the time just trying to stay warm. It was bitter cold, yet there are three hummingbirds at the feeder! These little guys are Anna's hummingbirds and there are a few of them that stay in the Powell River area all winter. All I know is that I'm amazed that both the hummers and the humpbacks haven't left for warmer climates. I assume the one from the previous days is still the one known as Crescent, but there's no confirmation. The hummers aren't named.

Nov 23 - 25 Scanned between snow and bits of fog, but nothing confirmed. Not sure if I only saw some spray from winds or if there was a Humpback blow.

Nov 22 - 1 Humpback was seen around the Powell River Mill by the "hulks" breakwater.

Nov 21 - 1 Humpback was reported to have spent most of the day between Lund and Savary Island at least till close to 5pm.