Have You Seen Any of These?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sept 8 to 11 Whale, Dolphin and Porpoise Sightings

Sept. 11 - 2 Harbour porpoises at 4:30 pm by Smelt Bay, Cortez Island foraging.

Sept 11 - 12 Orca / Killer whales - possibly same Transients - 10am to 12pm spotted just outside Whaletown, Cortez Island and along Marina Island to Cortez Reef. They grouped up from different areas then headed N to Breton Islands.

Sept 10 - 2 Humpbacks 10am first spotted at Separation Head in Discovery Passage then 4pm down by Cape Mudge on Quadra Island.

Sept. 10 - 12 Orca / Killer whales (these were Transient Orca) from 9:25 am to 4pm by Cortez Island, Whaletown to Heriot Bay then Cape Mudge on Quadra Island. Lots of zig zagging they were pretty spread out. Last seen heading NW towards Campbell River.

Sept. 9 - 2 Dalls porpoise at 4:30 pm by Thurston Bay working the tide line.

Sept. 9 - 9 Dalls porpoises around 4pm in Nodales Channel below Sonora Pt. foraging close to shore in a northward direction.

Sept. 9 - 1 Pacific White Sided dolphin 3:30 pm top of Nodales Channel just above Sonora Pt. Unusual to see a lone dolphin, especially one that looked like a juvenile. It may have been separated from its group by Transient Orca.

Sept. 9 - 2 Dalls porpoise 2:30 pm - 3pm Cordero Island below Greene Point Rapids feeding in rips and then riding the bow of my boat SaltWash.

Sept. 9 - 2 Harbour porpoises around 10:30 am at the very top of Loughborough Inlet, McBride Bay were chasing fish. I had gone to look for the dolphins again, but didn't find them.

Sept. 8 - 4 Dalls porpoises around 5pm by Cordero Island just below Greene Point Rapids and the top of Maine Passage were foraging in the tide rips.

Sept. 8 - Around 500+ Pacific White Sided dolphins 2:30 pm till 4:00 pm were spread out and leaping, chasing feed, and generally being active part way up and to the mouth of Loughborough Inlet. I left them going west to Chancellor Inlet.

Sept. 8 - 4 Dalls porpoises around 12:45 pm at the bottom of Johnstone Strait, top of Discovery Passage by Walkem Islands were working the tide rips feeding.