Have You Seen Any of These?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sept 12 to 20 Whale and Porpoise Sightings

Sept 20 - 2 Humpback whales around 6pm from Atrevida Reef to the hulks off the Powell River Mill slowly moving southeast.

Sept 20 - 8 Killer whales / Orca same Transients (meat eaters) as had been around for a while. around 11am till 2pm southward movement from Mitlenatch Isl to Sentry Shoal but a bit closer to Vancouver Island side of the strait.

Sept 18 - 12 (+or-) Killer whales / Orca 12pm-6pm Rebecca Spit, Quadra Isl. along shore then to Marina Isl. and down past Cortez Reef just off Baker Passage between Hernando and Cortez Isl.

Sept 17 - 6 Killer whales / Orca Transients at same time 7pm close to the Powell River shoreline slowly working their way north west up towards Mystery Reef, Savary Isl. Watched both groups (see below) till it got too dark to see them.

Sept 17 - 8 Killer Whales / Orca Transients 7pm in one of the nicest sunsets past Blubber Bay, Texada Isl. westbound towards Sentry Shoal.

Sept 16 - 2 Harbour porpoises around 5pm heading southward towards Grief Point between the E side of Texada Isl. and Powell River.

Sept 16 - 20 Killer whales / Orca Transients (meat eaters) received a phone call around noon that there were 4 Orca by Savary Island heading down the Strait. I found 16 of them by Grant's Reef off Savary Isl.and had another 4 join up later on around 1:30 pm till 5:30 pm as they worked their way southward towards the west side of Texada Island. Again, great day with lots of breaching, tail slaps and great vocals and lots of photos.

Sept 14 - 3 or more Killer whales / Orca around 2:40 pm between Rebecca Rocks and Harwood Island off Powell River heading NW towards Vivian Island - assumed to be Transient (meat eaters) still in the area.

Sept 14 - 2 Dalls porpoises 1:35 pm right at the Mystery Reef marker off Savary Island

Sept 14 - 5 Harbour porpoises 1pm - 1:35 pm travelling along from Mace Point, Savary Island to Mystery Reef foraging.

Sept 13 - 26 to 28 Killer whales / Orca Transients (meat eaters) including the ones from yesterday from 11:30 am till 5pm What a great day! From Sentry Shoal just south of Savary Island travelling up to Mitlenatch Island then Whilby Shoals, Quadra Island. They grouped up then spread out as they breached, tail slapped and interacted with one another and their food (seals and sealions). Great vocals too - I will be posting some to the website soon.

Sept 12 - 4 Killer whales / Orca Transients including T65B and female whose number I don't remember with scoliosis damage to her dorsal from 2 pm till 5 pm from Stag Bay, Hernando Island along the shoreline to Savary Island - I left them close to the Savary Island dock.

Sept 12 - 1 Harbour porpoise 12:30 pm between Marina and Cortez Islands closer to Mansons Landing