Have You Seen Any of These?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oct 4 to Oct 20 Whales and Dolphin Sightings

Oct 20 - 150 to 200 PLUS another 300 Pacific White Sided Dolphins. 12:45 just South of Kanish Bay in Discovery Pass above Campbell River they were spread out to mid-strait. Just after 1pm sounds like the same group were headed North by Mills Bay. A short while later, there were an additional approximately 300 by Helmken Island, just below Kelsey Bay in Johnstone Strait. These ones were headed in a SEast direction as if to meet up with the first group.

Oct 20 - Unknown number of Killer Whales / Orca just west of Kelsey Bay. No direction of travel. This information was passed through a few people to me, and the people I spoke with never did catch up to these whales, but it was a reliable originating source.

Oct 19 - 200 approx. Pacific White Sided Dolphins around Brown's Bay, Discovery Pass "pop corning" (it looks like they pop out of the water as they chase feed) everywhere! Later in the afternoon, they were mid Discovery Pass across from Copper Bluffs (off Campbell River) headed South West.

Oct 18 (Help me fill in these blanks....leave a comment)

Oct 17 - 3 to 6 Either Pacific White Sided Dolphins or Dalls Porpoises 10:45 am seen from a distance, which, unless they leap clear out of the water, makes it difficult to identify, on the West side of Rebecca Rocks out from Powell River and between Texada and Harwood Islands.

Oct 11 to 16 

Oct 10 - 300 to 500 Pacific White Sided Dolphins 11am till 1pm at the top of Discovery Pass and the netrance to Okisollo Channel. They were spread out, leaping and doing dolphin stuff.

Oct 7 to 9 Again, very quiet.

Oct 6 -  1 Minke whale 12:45 pm out from Powell River viewpoint pointed towards Texada Island's Blubber Bay. Saw it surface three times and then it disappeared. I was scanning in search of the Resident Orca, but later heard they made their way up to the upper Johnstone Strait.

Oct 4 & 5 Very quiet days - no sighting from here or reported to me about any whales or dolphins in the area.