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Monday, April 30, 2012

Transients and Dolphins by Powell River

Transient (meat eating) Killer Whales together with Pacific White Sided Dolphins off Powell River! It's a dangerous, for the dolphins, mix. It was difficult to get some other work done and not watch out the window while the dolphins and Orca were heading towards one another. Unfortunately I couldn't get out on the water even though it was beautifully calm, but a couple of tours from came all the way to Powell River to see the Whales and Dolphins.
Note: the reports below will be mixed for species rather than duplicating them.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Transient Orca
Pacific White Sided Dolphins
April 29, 2012

Transient Orca, Harwood Island
April 29, 2012
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

8:30 am Around 60+ Pacific White Sided Dolphins feeding off the Westview, Powell River ferry terminal heading towards the mill.
Gladys Raven, Powell River

9 am, 10:20 am and 11:30 am The dolphins, estimated at around 80 were still feeding back and forth from Sliammon to in front of the ferry terminal by Powell River. They did spend some time leaping and doing their usual play / feed patterns, but stayed in front of Powell River.
Susan MacKay

Hi Susan Thanks for the heads up this morning. I went to the lookout shortly after getting off the phone with you around 10:30 this morning and saw 150-200 dolphins making their way south. They then turned and moved in towards the ferry and Willingdon beach where I left them at about 11:15. Lots of leaps and milling about, looked like they were feeding as there were lots of birds above them. Then a boat came and pushed them towards the west end of Harwood. What a great way to spend the morning!
Nicole Robertson, Powell River

11:30 am A call came in that at least 3 Orca, all small fins were spotted off Atrevida Reef just North of Powell River and Sliammon headed towards Powell River.
Kim Liseberg (sp?), Savary Island/Lund

12 pm Dolphins, I think were using a tug and tow to hide off the Powell River mill and were now heading slowly Southward towards Grief Point.
Susan MacKay

12 pm At least 4 Orca which included at least one large male, were taking their time moving slowly Southward off Sliammon.
Steve Grover, Powell River

1 pm The first whale watching tour found the Orca just off Sliammon Creek. There were 7 whales including at least one small calf. Later, over the radio, it was confirmed that they had at least 8 whales with 2 calves and T02C.
Lee, (sorry Lee, you're new to this area, please email your other information to me for credit)

Transient Orca T02C, Harwood Island
April 29, 2012
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

1 pm The Dolphins count was down to between 50 to 60 of the larger ones in front of the viewpoint in Powell River. They were bunched up pretty tightly and appeared not to know what direction (North or South) they wanted to go. I didn't see where the rest of them got to. I last saw them, still in front of the ferry terminal with their noses pointed Northward at around 2:30 pm.
Susan MacKay

3:30 pm Lee waited with the Transient Orca till Jen, Campbell River Whale Watching got on scene close in to Harwood Island and starting to pick up the pace a bit towards Rebecca Rocks, half way between Harwood and Texada Islands. They again stalled and soon after, Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures arrived on scene. He was with them till a bit after 4:15 pm. Nick contributed a number of great photos and links to a couple of his video / audio clips. Check out his report below.

4:15 pm Pacific White Sided Dolphins, numbers now back up to around 100, managed to sneak past the Orca, just across the passage, and were by Atrevida Reef heading Northward.
Jen, CR Whale Watching

The Lund Dolphins were seen around 16:00 hrs and were developing quite an entourage, so we did not follow along. Lund was treated to 25 to 30 dolphins cruising between Savary and the main land heading NW to Major rock. They were making good time and were soon out of site.
Ken Dykstra
Transient Orca T023, Harwood Island
April 29, 2012
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

Hi Susan! We had an amazing day with this Gang of Orca today. There were 8 animals in Total, my rusty eyeballs can pick out T02C and T02C2 and T02C3 I think it is?! The rest I am leaving in your capable hands. (No time to check them all or send them off for verification yet – SM) Here is the link to some under water video and some amazing underwater vocals that I posted on you tube as well. I have a Swann HD mini camera in an underwater housing and didn't realize while it was happening but when we listened and watched the clips later on the computer the vocals were amazing!! The vocals and echo location came right thru the underwater camera housing and being underwater with no interference came thru crystal clear!! I was amazed. This was shot just after the confirmed kill of a harbour seal and during the food sharing process. What a way to start the season! Take care Susan!
Nicklaus, Eagle Eye Adventures

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