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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Transient Orca Powell River

Transient Orca are spending more time again close to Myrtle Rocks, just south of Powell River. This is the same group of 8 to 10 whales including the two calves, T02C and T20 that's been close to Powell River for most of April. There are lots of seals and sea lions in the area, so plenty to eat. Also below are some reports of Pacific White Sided Dolphins and Dall's Porpoise.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Transient Orca – Killer Whales

April 28:
7:40 am A call came in from Steve Grover that there were Orca just off the ferry terminal in Powell River heading Southward. They always seem to be behind a large tree that blocks my view in that direction! Once they cleared that tree, they started to breach, spy hop and do some great tail lobs. I could identify T02C immediately and saw the two calves porpoising close by. With all the birds above, I assume they were on some food. A couple more spy hops, breaches and tail lobs and they carried on towards Grief Point.
Susan Mackay – Thanks Steve!

April 28:
10:30 am Taking their time, the Orca made it past Myrtle Rocks and continued heading South towards Black (Albion) Point and Lang Bay. No amount of activity.
Bill Taylor, Powell River

April 28:
Prior to that, they had stopped off Myrtle Rocks and spent some more time Breaching, Spy Hopping and splashing about.
Holly Roy, Powell River

April 28:
4:15 pm Pod of Orca just off Black (Albion) Point heading Northward towards Myrtle Rocks and Powell River. Two calves in the group close to females.
Nina Falls, Powell River

April 28:
Around 4:30 or 5 pm: Thanks again for the call today, we really enjoyed seeing the orca. I tried to get some photos of their return trip (heading Northward). They were further off shore and doing long dives and milling around, so I guess they were feeding. No good show on the second viewing.
Holly Roy, Powell River

9 pm Just getting too dark out there, but the Transients have not been spotted out in front of Powell River yet, so they may be holding close to Myrtle Rocks. Keep your eyes open!
Susan MacKay

April 27:
10:55 am Whales off Brown's Bay, by Campbell River. No direction given and no response to repeated calls for clarification.
Vessel, Possibly a tug boat, announced over the radio.

April 23:
Morning Susan, Just to report a sighting of about seven orca at Myrtle Rocks this morning at 7:45 am. They were heading south , taking long, long dives. What a great sight to wake up to! Regards,
Holly Roy, Powell River

April 23:
8:30 am At least 6, maybe more, Orca including 3 larger dorsals and at least one small calf tight together heading Southward. Between Myrtle Rocks and Black (Albion) Point, south of town.
Bill Taylor, Powell River

Pacific White Sided Dolphins

April 23:
Around noon a large group of Dolphins headed West off the bottom of Savary Island. They seemed to be really moving – lots of white water.
Lesley and Neil Roberts, Savary Island

April 20:
4:30 pm around 60+ Pacific White Sided Dolphins quickly moving Northward towards Myrtle Rocks.
Bill Taylor, Powell River

April 13:
While camping by Dinner Rock, south of Lund, we saw some dolphins.
Ed Klassen, Powell River

Dall's Porpoise

April 22:
10 am till close to 11 am 3 Dall's Porpoise were by Keefer Rock, between Savary and Hernando Islands.
Dee Ingraham, Savary Island

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