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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lots of Transient Orca

Transient (meat eating) Orca are hanging around between Jervis Inlet and Powell River – at least in the past few days. They have been very elusive though, being spotted then disappearing. A few Harbour Porpoises also have been seen. Reports and a photo from today's encounter below.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Transient Orca – Killer Whales

April 10:
10:45 am a call came in that 8 to 10 Orca were very slowly headed Northward towards Powell River from just North of Black Point (also known as Albion Point). No large male dorsals were spotted. They were zig zagging back and forth between Texada Island and the mainland. There were some sea lions tight to the mainland shore heading South.
Bill Taylor

After a few calls to find out if they had maybe turned again, at 1:40 pm they finally showed up tight to the Texada shore across from Westview, Powell River. I watched them as they appeared to have a snack where numerous Harbour Seals have been hauled out on the rocks. They slowly turned back towards Grief Point (Powell River) and around 2:45 pm I caught up to them with the skiff. They were very spread out in smaller groups that were resting, milling about and a couple of calves were playfully splashing about all just off of Myrtle Rocks. With it being so calm and no traffic, I managed to hear some wonderfully clear communication (vocals) and echolocation amongst the group of around 10 to 16 Orca. Garry Henkel of Aboriginal Journeys joined me with his tour all the way from Campbell River. Our two boats enjoyed the show slowly Southward till we were just below Brew Bay. We watched the whales continue towards Scotch Fir Point till around 5:10 pm.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Transient Orca T020 just below Myrtle Rocks
April 10, 2012
Susan MacKay

April 8:
8:50 am 4 Orca including one large male Northbound towards Powell River from between Myrtle Rocks and Albion Point. Moving slowly, then picked up the pace.
Bill Taylor

9 am 4 to 6 Orca including 2 large males and a calf just passing Myrtle Rocks heading Northward moving at a steady pace.
Nina Falls

Harbour Porpoises

April 8:
(afternoon) A few Harbour Porpoises were spotted between Savary and Hernando Islands – just off Baker Pass.
Garry Henkel, Aboriginal Journeys

Photo posted April 3 titled Minke Whale in Mexico by Janice Parker was actually a Brydes Whale. They are not seen very often in the North Pacific. They were hunted by whalers out of Coal Harbour up to the 1960's. My apologies for any confusion. SM

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