Have You Seen Any of These?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb 18 to Feb 26 Lack of Sightings

I appear to be going through whale and dolphin sightings withdrawal. I have seen, or thought I did, a couple of blows a few days ago, but did not see any backs or dorsals of any sort to be able to confirm. It is possible it's just wishful thinking. The weather has not cooperated in the ability to easily spot them either.

This lack of sightings is unusual around here since there's usually porpoises, if nothing else. Even monitoring the marine radio, from where I occasionally hear about sightings, has provided no results. It's hard to imagine that it could be to do with noise from the Powell River Harbour construction only. So where are they all?

I do hear that the herring are running late and not in the quantities expected. This even to the point of hearing that there are some Bald Eagles dying due to malnutrition on Vancouver Island. I know the ones around here are frequently after birds, which they do even when there are fish around.

There is even a distinct lack of sea lions, although I can confirm sightings of a few of them swimming towards the top of Harwood Island.

Feb 18 to Feb 26: No whale, dolphin or porpoise sightings to report.

And, for those of you following my Hummingbird sightings: I appear to be down by one male Anna's. Perhaps gone to start looking for the perfect nesting site to protect for its' prospective mate. I'd rather think that, than it succumbed to the freezing cold temperatures we've had lately. Still can confirm three females and one male coming numerous times daily to the feeder.

And last, there has been a bear sighted around the Mowat Bay area of Powell River. This is a bit early, so it's probably quite cranky.