Have You Seen Any of These?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 5 to Feb 9 Sightings

Although the weather has been up and down, sightings around Powell River have only been of some Sea Lions. Even they seem to be farther away.

Work on the Powell River Harbour continues and it seems that the sounds, which carry farther underwater, might just be part of the cause for the lack of local sightings. The last Pacific White Sided Dolphins I was out with turned away from Powell River when they dumped some rocks to build up the extended breakwater. Coincidence? There are a few studies underway right now to see just how sound might affect cetaceans.

The good news is that I did receive a report of Transient, meat eating, Killer Whales or Orca in Okisollo Channel, above the rapdis and just where Johnstone Strait starts. Looks like they were heading up Johnstone Strait, but you never know. I've copied the relevant parts of the email I received below. Thanks AJ.

Feb 9th 10am:
"I was out today and saw 6-8 Transients in Okisollo Channel, more specifically Bjerre Rock near, Venture Pt near the North West end of the channel. They were heading west at about 10am....
 As far as an ID... I didn't have my camera on me.... (as per usual) but I noticed 1 larger male, about 4-5 sub adults or females and one young calf (2ish yrs old). From behind, the larger male had a definite curve on the top of his dorsal with some notches. I thought MAYBE T 20 but not sure."

Feb 6 to 8 - No sightings to report

Feb 5 - Spent some time out on the water - Lots of bait fish and Sea Lions out around Rebecca Rocks and the West end of Harwood Island.