Have You Seen Any of These?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan 13 to Jan 20 Plus late Orca Report

Last evening I received information about Killer Whale (Orca) sightings from the Comox to Powell River Ferry on Jan 11 th. There were a fair number of them, possibly 12, Orca on both sides of the ferry. They were spread out and just slowly milling about mid-strait between Comox and Rebecca Rocks out in front of Powell River.

Just a reminder to please let me know about these sightings earlier. I know many of you think that I already heard about it, but with everyone thinking I already heard, I'm actually not hearing about it till late. It's also easier to log the information when it's fresh in your mind as to species, number of animals, time of day, location and direction of travel.

Unfortunately there have been no other sightings to report covering Jan 13 to Jan 20 other than the many sea lions that were in the area making quite a racket on the breakwater by the Powell River Mill. The majority were California sea lions. Their barks could be heard all over town at times. They suddenly have all departed with some reports of them southbound and by Stillwater. Steller Sea Lions around 100 of them, have been reported back on the rocks of Vivian Island just West of Harwood.

My next presentation about Whales and Dolphins and Porpoises in our area is Saturday, January 22nd 10am till noon. Since this is for the Malaspina Young Naturalists Club of Powell River any child and parent is welcome. Admission is through donation. Location: the Trinity Hall, United Church located at the corner of Michigan and Duncan Avenues in Powell River.
Look forward to seeing you there.