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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NEW Toll Free Number, Pacific White Sided Dolphins and Links in the News

Toll Free Sightings Report Hotline:

I'm pleased to announce that thanks to some of the proceeds from our first fundraiser, Whales and Dolphins BC's toll free reporting hotline is up and running! There are a few minor adjustments to be made to streamline the service, and promulgate the number. Should you encounter any problems or quirky behaviour of the system, please let us know.
It has been incredibly quiet for any whale and dolphin sightings with only a late report from the Jervis Inlet area with link to a short video clip below. Even the radio has had little traffic other than some chatter between a couple of shrimp draggers and some static. There were rumours of some other Pacific White Sided Dolphins up around the Port McNeill and Port Hardy areas, but where the ones on the Sunshine Coast got to is anyone's guess....perhaps with the new toll free, the reporters won't hesitate to call their sightings in. Some other Links in the News also below.
As this update is being typed, there were reports and warnings issued for all of Georgia Strait and lower Johnstone Strait by the Coast Guard about water spouts, the equivalent of tornadoes on the water. Wonder what the whales think of them?
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Pacific White Sided Dolphins

Pacific White Sided Dolphins
Chasing feed in the setting sun
Susan MacKay, SG Images

March 15:
Link to video clip of PWS Dolphins between Saltery Bay and Earl's Cove from the ferry. Thanks to Michael Stewart for the heads up.

Links in the News

Northern Resident Orca A11, ‘Yakat’ one of the first killer whales to be photo-identified by researchers in early 1970's was found deceased near Ketchikan Alaska:

A whale of a success story: Gray whale comeback boosts business

Navy training harming whales and other marine mammals

Beached Sperm whale in Spain dies from ingesting plastic waste

The thrill of the chase: Amazing photos of the moment pod of killer whales hunts down penguin and drags it to a watery grave

To report your whale, dolphin or porpoise sighting, please call our new toll free number: 1-877-323-9776