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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

J-Pod Sightings? Countdown - 2 Days left to Enter

After the excitement of having the Southern Resident J-pod make an appearance, (see previous report) there were a couple of sightings of possibly the same pod of Killer Whales. Although the recent reports are unconfirmed as J-pod, they have not been spotted elsewhere, so the reports are listed under Southern Resident Orca. Keep your eyes open, and please report any sightings.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Only 2 days left to enter the Draw
Draw to be held in Powell River March 16, 2013
All contributions till midnight March 15, 2013 are being entered in the draw.
Winner will be contacted directly and
name will be posted as soon as possible after.
Thank you all for your support you are making a difference!
Good luck to all!

Southern Resident Orca – all J-Pod ?

Southern Resident Orca from J-Pod
March 10, 2013
Nick Templeman, CR Whale and Bear Excursions

March 12:
5:30 pm At least 3 or 4 blows off Twin Islands (off Hernando, by Baker Pass - SM). Bit lumpy out that way, but think they're Orca.
Cam M.

March 11:
5:57 pm There are Orca in front of Comox.
Aaron Webber, Campbell River Whale Watching

March 10:
What a magical encounter....it has been over 12 years for me to see J Pod, Ruffles was still the man when i saw them! When we first cam on scene it took a while to get a handle on the whole scene. We had only seen 4-6 animals to start but once we settled in, realized we were looking at a huge spread, well over 2-3 miles. We witnessed lots of surface activity, some longer, foraging dives. Seems they were successful in the hunt for salmon as we witnessed lots of gull activity over them in the distance in spots where they were on the surface. Hopefully getting a well deserved Spring salmon or two! They stayed quite separated the whole time...in little sub groups, so we were not able to see or photograph everyone. There was much excitement at points, breaches, double breaches, a couple times was 6-8 in a row! very happy whales.
Nick Templeman, Campbell River Whale and Bear Excursions

Southern Resident Orca from J-Pod
March 10, 2013
Nick Templeman, CR Whale and Bear Excursions

The Countdown is on:
2 Days Left to Enter the Draw!
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Southern Resident Orca from J-Pod
March 10, 2013
Nick Templeman, CR Whale and Bear Excursions