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Monday, February 11, 2013

Orca, Minke or Humpback and A8's Update

Some unidentified Orca reports and a possible Minke (or Humpback) sighting as well as an update on the A8's with the new calf. Some other Transients (Bigg's) Orca including T02C's were reportedly at the top of Johnstone Strait too.
Delayed report due to too much going on – apologies to all - my reason for needing volunteers!
Another unusual sighting today, February 11: Submarine surfacing and descending as it passed by Powell River heading Northward! Wonder what the whales and dolphins think of it?
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Minke? Or Humpback Whale

Feb 9:
1 pm Possible Minke? We sighted a single whale breaching just off the Fisherman's Wharf breakwater. From the silhouette and your web site, I think it’s a Minke. It was travelling north.
Dave Ostler, Campbell River Harbour Authority

Northern Resident Killer Whales

Feb 8:
Around 10 am The A8's including A42 with her new calf was spotted at the top of Johnstone Strait. Looks like they were joining up with the A5's and I11's. ID's of A42 and her calf, born around Powell River's Myrtle Rocks and Albion Point were identified by Jim Borrowman, Orcella Expeditions

Orca Unknown
(probably Transient – Bigg's)

Feb 7:
8:58 am Whales spotted on Comox ferry. Well not actually on the ferry, but close by. Heading to you (Powell River). They're about half way. Hard to tell how many – I only saw two. They passed quickly.
Gordie Coles, Lund / Savary Island

Feb 6:
10:33 am Northbound Killer Whale's in front of Harbour right now. I'll see if I can see them from the Spit if I can get there in time – Campbell River.
Nick Templeman, Campbell River Bear and Whale Watching

Humpback Whales, Banderas Bay Mexico - photo: Michael Stewart, Powell River

Humpback Whales and Orca

Feb 6:
Sorry the picture isn't great but we saw this mother and calf this morning in Banderas Bay very close to shore, as you can see. Guide thought Mother might be in shallow water to teach the calf to swim. Later we saw another pair and then 4 female Orcas approaching them. This was further south along the coast of the same bay.
Michael Stewart, Powell River from Mexico

Southern Resident Orca

Feb 1: (missed report)
4:30 pm Heard L Pod is off Nanaimo somewhere earlier today headed NW.
Nick Templeman, Campbell River Bear and Whale Watching

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