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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Few Orca Reports, News Links and Volunteers

Sightings reports are few and far between everywhere, but there are a couple of Orca reports below as well as a Links in the News. A few specific requests for Volunteers farther down. Keep your eyes open, there are whales and dolphins out there, between the whitecaps somewhere.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Resident Orca A42
Powell River – January 2013
Susan MacKay, SG Images

Orca – Killer Whales
(probably Transient, Bigg's)

February 4:
11.50am Just seen 4 orcas, 1 very large, heading out of the Howe Sound hugging Keats Island. They were heading out of Howe Sound, hugging Keats and on the other side of Gibsons Marina, would have been awesome to be on Skyline drive. We are on Marine Drive, Gibsons. .....my view ends just before they reach open water, couldn't tell!!! (What direction they went - SM)
Katie Hopson, Gibsons

January 31:
3:40 pm Killer whales spotted off the south tip of Hardwood Island. Possibly 3. The whales were north bound. There was a small boat behind them. Our neighbor said it was two small ones and a large one. I only saw the large one.
Leigha Stewart, Powell River

Links in the News

A new exhibit at the Telus World of Science hopes to show the public the importance of preserving the migration routes of the Gray whale. John Daly reports. From Global News:

Whale vomit perfume anyone?
From Jacquie Nevinger: Whale Vomit? Really?

Why do the whales vomit? Prob for the same reasons an owl does?
(That's a really good question.... Being that it's probably from a Sperm whale I assume it's as you said Jacquie - getting rid of all the bones etc. they pick up from their food. I'll never look at a bottle of perfume the same way! - SM)

Jacquie did a bit did a bit of research and forwarded some more info:

Volunteers ?

Any Volunteers willing to help out with a few computer related items?
  1. keeping Facebook updated in a timely manner
  2. willing to show me how to post items via text messaging.
  3. Any other Reports / Facebook / Twitter tricks to make it easier to update and keep items posted.
  4. Also in need of a Volunteer to help fix the main web site links so that they make sense “pretty permalinks” rather than the cryptic ones in place.
Is your name at the bottom of the box?
Whales and Dolphins BC needs your support through sightings information, volunteering, and financial contributions to ensure continued growth and web presence. To assist with fund raising, there will be a Random Draw for a 4 day, 3 night Cruise for Two! Every $5 worth of Donation enters your name for the draw. Support and you could win this cruise! Draw date: March 16, 2013

For those not wanting to use PayPal secure credit card services, please contact me to make other arrangements – thank you.

Thanks to those who have contributed already – Good Luck!