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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Transient (Bigg's) Killer Whales plus A8 Calf Photo

Transient (Bigg's) Orca by Powell River, Thormanby and Sechelt. Other reports indicate that there may have been more Transient (Bigg's) Killer Whales down by Cowichan today. Wonder where the Northern Resident A8 pod with their new calf went to. Another photo of the A8's with their new calf as well as photos from today. There are also a few Links in the News at the bottom of the reports.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Transient (Bigg's) Killer Whales

Transient (Bigg's) Killer Whale T19B
Powell River
January 17, 2013
Susan MacKay, SG Images

January 17, 2013:
10 am 4 or 5 Orca just out between Grief Point and Texada Island heading Southward. There's 4 for sure – looks like 2 larger fins and two smaller ones.
John and Joan Treen, Powell River

January 17, 2013
10:30 am Spotted 4 Orca heading south past VanAnda on Texada. 0ne large with a thick dorsal fin and 3 smaller ones. They stopped briefly resting on the surface.
Holly Roy, Powell River

January 17, 2013:
Right after Holly called and it sounded like they weren't speeding down Malaspina Strait, I hopped out on the skiff to see who we might have. They split up with two tight to Texada's shore and the other two continued down mid-strait. I left them around 11:40 am passing Lang Bay with their noses pointed towards Sechelt.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Transient (Bigg's) Killer Whale T19
Powell River
January 17, 2013
Susan MacKay, SG Images

January 16, 2013
10 am I saw the three orcas yesterday heading south along side Thornaby Island.

January 16, 2013:
Just days after saying I never see orcas off Sechelt, three went by Davis Bay at low tide this afternoon around 3.30 pm. Yes, mum and I were driving north and saw a woman with a camera-day was very dull so I thought she was nuts..... then we saw a bunch more and even the ambulance had stopped to look so we went around the block and parked and there they were three dorsals heading south, last sighted by White Island.
Nancy Fabbro, Sechelt

NRKW A8's with calf in front of the
Powell River Mill
January 2, 2013
Susan MacKay, SG Images

Northern Resident Killer Whales
(probably the A8's - unconfirmed)

January 12: (late report)
Were in behind Harwood on Sat. saw a orca and calf, followed them a bit until a orca showed up with twice the size dorsal fin, and the mom and calf just disappeared. Need to figure my camera out, missed some awesome shots.
Norbert Detlow, Powell River

Links in the News

Dolphin entangled in some line asks for help from divers. This is an amazing video clip.

Two links to different reports and one with video clips of the Orca that were trapped in the ice in Hudson Bay. Reportedly a plane did eventually spot them clear of the ice.
From the Montreal Gazette January 10:
From ABC's report and video clips:

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