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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NRKW New Baby Orca Photos and More

What an exciting start to 2013! At least two new Orca calves. Report of one for the Transient (Bigg's) T036's and one for the Northern Resident A8's. Seeing such a tiny calf is always exciting, and being able to photograph them is even better. See the A8's Baby photos below. The orange tinge is typical of newborns.
Other reports include a short video clip of what appear to be Transient (Bigg's), a late report of Dolphins and some interesting information on Gray Whales.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

NRKW A42 and New Calf
Baby Photo
January 2, 2013
Steve Grover, Powell River

Northern Resident Killer Whales

January 2:
10:45 am 3 or 4 Orca spotted half way between the Mystery Reef Buoy (South-East side of Savary Island) and the mainland. They spread out a couple of times, but working their way South. There's 1 big male and one small calf. Later: Saw 5 Orca for sure.
John Treen, Savary Island

January 2:
Around 11:30 am Thanks to John's call, I found the 5 Orca, photo identified as the A8's, between Savary and Harwood Islands. Definitely a new calf!! From there we came back towards Powell River with the whales looking undecided if they wanted to head towards the ferry terminal or towards Texada Island. Set the hydrophone down a number of times, but they remained quiet throughout. There was possibly a few echolocation clicks, but with ferry and tug noise interfering maybe it was just boat noise. Had they been vocalizing, we would have heard it. The pod stayed close together for the most part, then separated to feed a bit before carrying on towards the Blubber Bay light on Texada. After checking the photos, I could confirm Male A66 born 1996, Female A42 born 1980, Juvenile A79 born 2004, Juvenile A88 born 2008 and the newborn calf which may be a New Year's Baby since it's so tiny. From the A8's, we appear to be missing Female A28 born 1974...
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

NRKW A66's Dorsal dwarfs Tiny New Calf
January 2, 2013
Susan MacKay, SG Images

Transient (Bigg's) Killer Whales

January 1:
Report via Facebook that the T036's have a new calf. (This has not yet been confirmed as being newer than T036A2 – SM)
Ron Bates via Orca Network, WA

January 1:
We had the T30's and T124's heading north yesterday and the T36's, T37's and T99's heading north today. Maybe they will show up your way soon.was a large group of Transient (Bigg's) heading Northward from Friday Harbour, WA.
Ivan Reiff, Friday Harbour, WA

NRKW A66 and A42 ride outrigger with Tiny Calf
January 2, 2013
Susan MacKay, SG Images

Orca – Probably Transient (Bigg's)

January 1:
Video Clip Link to Orca seen from Denman/Hornby ferry:
Dianne Radmore, Denman Island Bulletin Board via Graham Blake

Dolphins – Probably Pacific White Sided

December 28: (late report)
We were on the 4:00 pm ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo, on a very cold, rainy, darkening Dec 28th, when about 15 minutes out of the harbor my husband, Den spied a couple of fins. I only caught a dark rippling of the water but the word was "Dolphins". Having just driven from Salmon Arm in the thro's of the flu we didn't pursue further searching out on the deck where I usually spend a good amount of time on the ferry rides. This is the only sighting from the ferry that we have experienced. Can't wait till summer to come north and take a whale watching charter.
Thank You so very much for sending images and reports of the whale & dolphin & porpoise sightings all year. Each image thrills, so you know what the impact of actually seeing in person is for me. This last image of the whales is like a beautiful ballet. (December 31 update – SM) Keep sending images and reports.
Sonja Billard, keeping the eyes on the waters

Gray Whale Information

I’m actually not surprised to hear you have some errant gray whales up there! I went to a conference a few years ago regarding gray whales (as sentinels of climate change) and was surprised to learn that not all of the whales make the annual migration each year. Researchers listening with hydrophones for bowhead in Alaska discovered gray whales hanging out each winter that never went south. Oregon and Washington both have areas that a small number of gray whales visit each year to feed, instead of heading south.
It turned on its head everything I thought I knew about gray whales! I guess if you don’t “need” to make a 12,000 mile trip, why would you!! I’m sure I’d be happy to hang out with a bunch of friends and have a few snacks, than just go because it’s what everyone else is doing!!
Thanks for keeping us connected with everything going on up there. It’s nice to feel, just for a few minutes a day, we’re up there with you and the whales!
Alison Barrat, Monterey Bay

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