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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Transient Bigg's Killer Whales, Orca, Dolphins and Porpoise

Orca have been making short appearances in the Powell River – Campbell River and Comox areas. We only know for certain that some of them were actually Transient Bigg's (meat eating) Killer Whales. We have heard that our usual Northern Resident pod known as the A42's – the ones that were in the viral video rubbing on the beach and including A103, Albion, the calf born Dec. 2012, were seen quite a distance up the coast close to Bella Bella. The question is who are all the ones spotted around here? We have also had many pods of Pacific White Sided Dolphins seen between Texada and Jervis inlet.

Our Burger and Beer Night fundraiser is coming up and hope that all those close by can make the March 10th date at the Savoury Bight Restaurant and Pub at Beach Gardens, Grief Point, Powell River. We have numerous Door prizes and Toonie Toss prizes. It's going to be a fun night for all starting at 5pm to make it easy for families to join us. The cost is $15 for Burger (beef or veggie) with Fries, and a Beer (or wine). Kids can always share the Burger and fries while the adults enjoy the beer or wine! The net proceeds are going towards the live web camera and hydrophone we are setting up off Grief Point to look and listen towards Myrtle Rocks where we have a fair bit of Whale activity. This is the first of a series of web cameras we have in the works, so all of your support is greatly appreciated. And, you do need to eat, right? Come join us!
Our prizes include: Mother Nature Plants & Pets, Paparazzi Pizza, Snickers Restaurant, Powell River Complex Concession, Thaidal Zone Restaurant, Westview U-Brew, Colin James, Springtime Garden Center, and MORE!
A huge thank your to Savoury Bight Restaurant and Pub & all our donors for sponsoring this event!
Susan MacKay & Lynne Cracknell, Whales and Dolphins BC
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T086s Baby popping up for a breath
February 25, 2014 – 3 photos
Susan MacKay, SG Images


Feb 26:
9:42 am: There have been numerous sightings of Transient Bigg's Killer Whales all up and down Johnstone Strait over the last couple of weeks.
Fabien Minfray, Eagle Eye Adventures.

Feb 25:
9:20 am: Four Orca sort of milling just south of the viewpoint at Powell River. They're really close to shore.
Grant Rainsley, Powell River

Feb 25:
9:30 am approx. Had grabbed gear and was off the dock in record time determined to find out who we had out here! Picked up 5 Orca just off the Powell River mill cutting between the draggers who had followed me out of the harbour and were just setting nets. Then the other 4 Orca popped up closer to Harwood Island. They were on a definite track up the coast.
10:26 am: Leaving 9 Orca heading towards Mystery Reef off Savary Island northwest bound.
4:50 pm: Finally got through photos. I could only confirm the Transient Bigg's T86A's. Don't know who the others were and didn't see T87 with them. Got great baby photo!
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins B.C.

Feb 25:
9:30 am: We live a few blocks above the Westview Powell River Ferry Terminal. I looked out the kitchen window this morning and saw Killer Whales. There were about six of them, not sure, and they were about 100 meters off the Powell River shoreline, traveling towards Lund. There were two Draggers about another 200 meters away from shore. No other boats or wildlife nearby. Exciting stuff!
Dan Tatham, Powell River.

Feb 25:
12:37 pm: Two Orca, possibly a Mom and calf or juvenile, spotted on the north side of Savary island crossing towards False Pass between Hernando Island and Savary.
Gordie Coles, Savary Island / Lund.

T086s and Friends
February 25, 2014 – 3 photos
Susan MacKay, SG Images

these are presumed to be Transient Bigg's Orca

Mar 3:
8:05 am: About 5 Orca including one big fin on the Vancouver Island side of Texada Island, southbound.
Steve Grover, Powell River.

March 3:
9 – 9:35 am: I watched a few blows from the Orca after the call from Steve. They were doing long dives going back and forth about half way between Coho Point and Rebecca Rocks, off Powell River. Then suddenly after a long gap I spotted them angling towards Powell River by Harwood Island. After grabbing gear I thought before rushing out to see who these Orca were, I'd best see their current location.....not a blow or dorsal to be seen till 10:30 am! Unfortunately, I had more computer work, so although the ocean was calling, work took priority over searching for these elusive Orca. No other reports came in, so they stayed elusive.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Mar 2:
7:30 am: Report from a ferry worker of 10 Orca southbound by Quathiaski Cove on Quadra Island. One large fin and a couple of young ones in the group.
8:15 am: I can see them just coming up from We Wai Kai Village on Quadra Island, favouring the Quadra side of the Strait. I'm on the ferry.
Garry Henkel, Aboriginal Journeys Whale and Grizzly Bear Tours.

Feb 28:
11:20 am: Orca mid Strait between Comox-Powell River. From Lucy who works in our office and is watching from the ferry!
Geord Dunstan, Discovery Marine Safaris.

February 20:
9:19 am: Five Orca, one really huge one, northbound by Albion Point in Powell River.
(Caller did not leave name.)

Rec'd March 3:
3 weeks ago 9 Orcas passed right in front of our sailboat between Texada and Harwood Island. Since then I heard, that they are still around in this area. Last week they were seen around Myrtle Point near Powell River. Have a nice sunny day!
Monique Labusch, Powell River

Orca while sailing Powell River
Photo Monique Labusch, Powell River


Feb 26: Report of a Resident pod hanging out around Blind Channel, between West and East Thurlow Islands, over the past 2 weeks. From a trusted source.
Fabien Minfray, Eagle Eye Adventures.

March 1:
7:08 am: If anyone is up – there are two pods of Dolphins off Donkersley and between the area of Patrick Road to Black Point in Powell River. Huge pod headed north, smaller one still off Black point. (via Facebook)
Kimmy Faerie, Powell River.

March 1:
9:00 am: Report of a couple of groups of Pacific White Sided Dolphins northbound by Myrtle Rocks, Powell River.
11:59 am: Now there is another group of around 20 Pacific White Sided Dolphns foraging back and forth by Myrtle Rocks.
Wendy Heathcote, Powell River

February 28:
Around 11:45 am 80 plus Pacific White Sided Dolphins were headed past Saltery Bay, Texada side of the Strait towards Jervis Inlet. They were spotted off Kent's Beach, south of Powell River.
Lynn Webster, Powell River

Feb 27:
2:10 pm: About seven or eight Harbour Porpoise, very small dark dorsals off the viewpoint in Powell River.
Andrew Bryant, Powell River

Transient Bigg's Killer Whales T086s with Calf
February 25, 2014 – 1 photos
Susan MacKay, SG Images


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Rec'd February 25th:
Taken around the Bella Bella, Hunter Channel area February 22, 2014 (see previous report). Video clip from Derek Stewart:

To add a bit of humour: There has never been an Orca attack in the wild for those of you wondering about this fake, funny clip:

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