Have You Seen Any of These?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nanaimo Orca & High Winds

The high WNW winds must have given a push to the Orca that had been spotted in front of Lund the other day. It's a good likelihood that the sightings reports below are the same whales. It sounds like they may have turned back in our direction. See report below and keep those eyes open. The whales still need to surface to breath, even if it is stormy..

My Anna's Hummingbirds are having a rough time in these winds. They literally are getting blown off the feeder; that is, if they even get a chance to time their landing to the swing. I watched as a female got blown right across the yard during one big gust. She recovered only when she was low enough by the bushes.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Orca – Killer Whales

February 24
We received a call from Lon Kamann of Vancouver Island, reporting a pod of what appear to be Transient orcas south of Nanaimo, BC - in NW Bay, Parksville, chasing sea lions around the logging boom Lon is working on at ~10:20 am this morning. There were 5 - 6 large fins, and several smaller fins. One orca chased a sea lion right into the bay and near the logging operation! They appeared to be heading in a northerly direction toward Denman Island. Submitted by Susan Berta & Howard Garrett, Orca Network, WA

Humpback Whale

February 23
The Hood Canal (Washington State) humpback, first seen January 27, was seen again yesterday, February 23. Chris Dunagan
February 20
2:55 pm - Lori Wilson just called from Potlatch State Park, near Great Bend in Hood Canal, while watching the humpback tail-lobbing and breaching as she spoke.Submitted by Susan Berta & Howard Garrett, Orca Network, WA 

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