Have You Seen Any of These?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whales and Dolphins Sightings plus Possible Fur Seal Sighting

Northern Resident Orca, Transient Orca, Humpback Whales, Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Minke Whales a possible Northern Fur Seal sighting.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC

Northern Resident Orca

August 23:

10 am The lone female Orca, A12 together with the two brothers from the A36 Matriline were in Nodales Channel heading West into Johnstone Strait.
11:30 am The 3 Orca were at Ripple Point still slowly headed Westward.
1:30 pm Left the Orca still Westbound at Vansittart Point, Johnstone Strait.
Garry Henkel, Aboriginal Journeys

9 am Heard there were Orca around the Cracroft Point – Robson Bight area in the fog. SM

August 22:

11 am The A4, A5 and I15 Matrilines of Orca were Eastbound by Eve River, Johnstone Strait.
12:45 pm The trailing group of I15's were still headed East by the Broken Islands.
Nick Templeman, Eagle Eye Adventures

Transient Orca

August 23:

7 pm T100's came around Donagal Head into Cormorant Channel and were Westbound by Mitchell Bay.
Jared Towers, DFO

Whale Report

August 23:

11:45 am 3 Whales (possibly Humpbacks) were splashing about on the surface just outside Booker Lagoon, Fife Sound.
Cam, Y-Knot

Humpback Whales

August 22 and 23:

Throughout the day: The Humbacks are enjoying the same areas over and over again. Bold Head / Blackfish Sound / Weynton Pass / Blackney Pass. The morning fog made finding whales all that much more interesting.

'Ripple' and her calf
August 20, 2011
Photo: Susan MacKay, SG Images

Calf's Fluke with hole
see previous Blog Posting for note
August 20, 2011
Photo: Susan MacKay, SG Images

Minke Whales

August 23:

Around 2:30 pm 2 Minke Whales were foraging close by some of the Humpback Whales off Bold Head to Whitecliffe Islets.
Jared Towers, MERS
Note: Jared has just published the second edition of Minke Whales of the straits off northeastern Vancouver Island. This is an identification reference book. For further information on purchasing please contact Jared directly. SM

Around 2:30 pm a Minke Whale was spotted briefly by Leonard Point, Cormorant Island.
Bill Mackay, Mackay Whale Watching

Pacific White Sided Dolphins

August 22:

11:30 am A small group of around 8 Pacific White Sided Dolphins were heading East from by the Blinkhorn light in Johnstone Strait.
Chris, Ocean Light II

Possible Northern Fur Seal

August 22:

Heard someone say they saw what they were pretty sure was a Northern Fur Seal. Without photos, it's tough to say, but in the upper Johnstone Strait area they have been seen before. The last time was 6 years ago. Unfortunately, we never did get a photo, but someone else did.