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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Humpback Whale by Powell River, Lund and into Desolation Sound

At least one Humpback Whale is in the Powell River to Lund and Desolation Sound area still. We had been hoping to receive further reports, but most have been vague second hand sightings with only one video clip of the whale being submitted, although at least one other clip and photos were to have come in to us. No Orca sightings to report this time, but we do have a few Pacific White Sided Dolphins and Dall's Porpoise in the inlets.
Susan MacKay, Whales and Dolphins BC
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Nov 25 (Received Email):
For about the last week there has been a Humpback Whale hanging around Lund Harbour. Apparently blocked The Water Taxi from entering the harbour, as it was having a scratch on the cement float, a couple of days ago. I of course just miss it every time.
Rick Thaddeus, Savary Island

Nov 19:
10:30 pm: For the last several days I have been hearing whales passing by quite close to the shore at around this time of night. They would probably be about 50 or 75 yards off shore, and it seems to me that there are maybe two of them. Hard to tell because they don't come up and breathe at the same time. I am just north of Powell River and the whales are traveling in a north to south direction.
Gillian Andrews, Powell River.

Nov 17:
1:30 pm: I'm sure you've heard of the Humpback whale hanging out and feeding by Lund, but here's my experience today. Breaching and tail lobbing was about 1:30 pm just outside Lund Harbour. I have video of paddling near the whale but it's from an extreme wide angle POV camera I was wearing so it's not great. No good back of tail shots. I actually saw the whale breaching and tail lobbing just outside the Lund Harbour as I was getting my kayak ready on the beach! He headed out further when I was on the water and went down to the tip of Savary Island and beyond. A couple of hours later I saw him again and got to paddle parallel with him coming up a few times about 30-40- meters away!
PS: Apparently people in Lund heard the whale breathing for a few nights before they saw him in the daytime on Sunday, so he's been hanging around feeding. He makes long, deep dives.
Terry Brown, Thrilled in Powell River. (via email)

Nov 17:
Just off Lund we saw a Humpback Whale breach, and doing numerous tail lobs. It was back and forth for quite a while. We managed to get some video clips and photos before we continued on our way. (Video was shown, but being on a small screen, it was impossible to identify the individual whale - SM).
Frank, visiting boat at Westview Harbour

Nov 16:
My family witnessed an incredible sighting over many hours of a Humpback whale from our property on the tip of Sevilla Island BC just off from Lund. The whale could be heard from about 5:00 am and we watched it in the Lund Harbour and just off from our property on the southwestern point of Sevilla island about 100 feet away. The whale stayed most of the day. We saw the back and stubby dorsal fin and extremely long flipper held high out of the water and of course lots of blowing. We feel extremely lucky to have seen this beautiful creature just off from our home.
Ann Gardner-Vigh, Sevilla Island.(via email).

Nov 14/15:
We saw a Humpback whale while kayaking on the 14th and 15th of November southeast of Cortes Island. May be the same one reported around Lund on the 11th? This one was just cruising around between Twin Island, Hernando Island and the Copeland Islands area on both afternoons. Last saw it heading around the north tip of Malaspina Peninsula towards Mink Island. Sorry didn't get any decent photos.
The first time I saw it, it surfaced about 20 meters in front of the kayak and I was too surprised to get the camera out in time! After that it was too far away each time.
Ben & Katie (Via email )


Nov 11:
Approximately 50 Pacific White Sided Dolphins spent some time bow riding with us as we transitted Cordero Channel.
Frank, visiting boat at Westview Harbour


Nov 11 or 12:
Approximately 30 Dall's Porpoise were playfully bow riding with us passing Shoal Bay.
Frank, visiting boat at Westview Harbour


Some Orca more commonly seen in California have been spending time in the Salish Sea. Federal Fisheries believe that our thriving seal population may be the draw!

Some possible reasons for the massive die off of Sea stars on our coasts:

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