Have You Seen Any of These?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

No Whale Sghtings Oct 25 to Oct 30

Well, the past few days have been very quiet in this area for any sightings. Although a few of us are keeping our eyes open for any activity, there seems to be a distinct lack of whales, dolphins, porpoises and even sea lion activity.

I did hear some commercial chatter on the radio of "a couple of (too scratchy to catch what) heading towards the boat."  They were just outside of Merry Island by Secret Cove.

Always keeping our eyes open and scanning! Happy Halloween to all.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Killer Whale / Orca Sightings Oct 23 to Oct 24

Oct 24 - 2 and possibly more Killer Whales / Orca at 5:45 pm between the top of Texada Island and Rebecca Rocks out from Powell River. The seas were up from the winds making anything difficult to spot. I thought I'd take a quick scan with the binoculars and was surprised to catch an Orca breaching. I did see at least two dorsals, but couldn't tell if I saw more than that in the waves. They appeared to be heading in a NW direction.

Oct 23 - Saw some splashes, but can't guarantee they were from any type of cetacean. May have been some of the dolphins that were around Nanaimo a few days ago, or could have just been some sealions.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sightings Orca and Dolphins Oct 21 to 22

Since it's pretty quiet out there for whale watching boaters right now, reports are getting slimmer. If you are interested in joining this network of whale sighting reporters, please contact me at susan@whalesanddolphinsbc.com or by posting a comment below to help with sightings from land or the water. No sighting report is ignored, and all information is passed on to researchers for tracking. Winter is a crucial time specifically because there are fewer people on the water. Let's help figure out where these cetaceans travel.

Oct 22 - At least the fog lifted! But there have been no reports passed on to me, nor have I spotted anything today other than a fair bit of white caps on the water.

Oct 21 - 200 Pacific White Sided Dolphins first spotted around 9:30 am around Ripple Point at the lower end of Johnstone Strait and continued southward into Discovery Passage. Unfortunately I was in peas soup fog all day for the second day, and could not tell if they made it down into Georgia Strait.

Oct 21 - 3 Transient (meat eating) Orca were spotted - a bit out of the range from here, but since I received the report, I'm including it - they were at the top of Johnstone Strait very early in the morning and were continuing West into Queen Charlotte Strait.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oct 4 to Oct 20 Whales and Dolphin Sightings

Oct 20 - 150 to 200 PLUS another 300 Pacific White Sided Dolphins. 12:45 just South of Kanish Bay in Discovery Pass above Campbell River they were spread out to mid-strait. Just after 1pm sounds like the same group were headed North by Mills Bay. A short while later, there were an additional approximately 300 by Helmken Island, just below Kelsey Bay in Johnstone Strait. These ones were headed in a SEast direction as if to meet up with the first group.

Oct 20 - Unknown number of Killer Whales / Orca just west of Kelsey Bay. No direction of travel. This information was passed through a few people to me, and the people I spoke with never did catch up to these whales, but it was a reliable originating source.

Oct 19 - 200 approx. Pacific White Sided Dolphins around Brown's Bay, Discovery Pass "pop corning" (it looks like they pop out of the water as they chase feed) everywhere! Later in the afternoon, they were mid Discovery Pass across from Copper Bluffs (off Campbell River) headed South West.

Oct 18 (Help me fill in these blanks....leave a comment)

Oct 17 - 3 to 6 Either Pacific White Sided Dolphins or Dalls Porpoises 10:45 am seen from a distance, which, unless they leap clear out of the water, makes it difficult to identify, on the West side of Rebecca Rocks out from Powell River and between Texada and Harwood Islands.

Oct 11 to 16 

Oct 10 - 300 to 500 Pacific White Sided Dolphins 11am till 1pm at the top of Discovery Pass and the netrance to Okisollo Channel. They were spread out, leaping and doing dolphin stuff.

Oct 7 to 9 Again, very quiet.

Oct 6 -  1 Minke whale 12:45 pm out from Powell River viewpoint pointed towards Texada Island's Blubber Bay. Saw it surface three times and then it disappeared. I was scanning in search of the Resident Orca, but later heard they made their way up to the upper Johnstone Strait.

Oct 4 & 5 Very quiet days - no sighting from here or reported to me about any whales or dolphins in the area.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sept 21 to Oct 3 Whale, Dolphin and Porpoise Sightings

Oct. 3 - 30 to 50 Killer Whales / Orca WOW These were Resident (fish eating) Orca seen from 1pm till 5:45pm - first seen by Mitlenatch Island spread out towards Cape Mudge, Quadra Island and continued through Seymour Narrows up Discovery Channel to Deep Water Bay above Campbell River. They included A12s, A30s, A36s, A34s I11s, G17s and more pods!

Oct 3 - 2 Harbour Porpoises 10:45am in front of Powell River, Westview foraging towards Harwood Island.

Oct 2 - 4 Killer Whales / Orca at 10am in Calm Channel by Church House. These were Transient (meat Eating) Orca and only 4 females were spotted. Later in the day these 4 were spotted again around 4pm still heading West in Cordero Channel.

Oct 1 - 5 or 6 Killer Whales /Orca 3:45 to 5pm between Harwod and Vivian Island then around Grant's Reef at the bottom of Savary Island. They were doing long dives, but looked like Transient Orca. There was 1 or possibly 2 large males, but the seas had started to pick up so I lost sight of them.

Sept 30 - 5 or 6 Pacific White Side Dolphins 4pm headed in a Westerly direction from Blubber Bay, Texada Island.

Sept 30 - ?? total number Killer Whales/Orca between 12:20 and 5:30 pm at Bear Point, Johnstone Strait at 12:20 pm, Ripple Point at 3:30 pm and headed east to Nodales Channel at 5:30 pm. These were Resident (fish eating) Orca including A12, A36s, A34s.

Sept 23 - 1 Killer Whale /Orca was spotted between Whaletown, Cortez Island and Heriot Bay, Quadra Island - no time - no direction.

Sept 22 - 1 Killer Whale / Orca shortly after spotting the Dolphins below, which would explain the rush they were in. Headed towards Savary Island. I assume it was T14 a large male Orca and well known Transient (meat eater) Orca who frequently travels alone.

Sept 22 - approx. 10 Pacific White Sided Dolphins around 5:45 pm Spotted by the Hulks off the Powell River Mill headed towards Grief Point in a hurry...odd.

Sept 21 - 2 Harbour Porpoises around 1;30 pm just off of Powell River between Texada and Harwood Islands headed west towards Rebecca Rocks.

Sept 21 - 2 Humpbacks 8:30 am till 4pm First saw them around Blubber Bay, Texada Island and picked them up again mid strait between Vancouver Island and Texada headed southward towards Denman and Hornby Islands. They were doing long dives so it was tough to keep up with where they popped up again. Gave up when the seas picked up a bit more than comfortable.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sept 12 to 20 Whale and Porpoise Sightings

Sept 20 - 2 Humpback whales around 6pm from Atrevida Reef to the hulks off the Powell River Mill slowly moving southeast.

Sept 20 - 8 Killer whales / Orca same Transients (meat eaters) as had been around for a while. around 11am till 2pm southward movement from Mitlenatch Isl to Sentry Shoal but a bit closer to Vancouver Island side of the strait.

Sept 18 - 12 (+or-) Killer whales / Orca 12pm-6pm Rebecca Spit, Quadra Isl. along shore then to Marina Isl. and down past Cortez Reef just off Baker Passage between Hernando and Cortez Isl.

Sept 17 - 6 Killer whales / Orca Transients at same time 7pm close to the Powell River shoreline slowly working their way north west up towards Mystery Reef, Savary Isl. Watched both groups (see below) till it got too dark to see them.

Sept 17 - 8 Killer Whales / Orca Transients 7pm in one of the nicest sunsets past Blubber Bay, Texada Isl. westbound towards Sentry Shoal.

Sept 16 - 2 Harbour porpoises around 5pm heading southward towards Grief Point between the E side of Texada Isl. and Powell River.

Sept 16 - 20 Killer whales / Orca Transients (meat eaters) received a phone call around noon that there were 4 Orca by Savary Island heading down the Strait. I found 16 of them by Grant's Reef off Savary Isl.and had another 4 join up later on around 1:30 pm till 5:30 pm as they worked their way southward towards the west side of Texada Island. Again, great day with lots of breaching, tail slaps and great vocals and lots of photos.

Sept 14 - 3 or more Killer whales / Orca around 2:40 pm between Rebecca Rocks and Harwood Island off Powell River heading NW towards Vivian Island - assumed to be Transient (meat eaters) still in the area.

Sept 14 - 2 Dalls porpoises 1:35 pm right at the Mystery Reef marker off Savary Island

Sept 14 - 5 Harbour porpoises 1pm - 1:35 pm travelling along from Mace Point, Savary Island to Mystery Reef foraging.

Sept 13 - 26 to 28 Killer whales / Orca Transients (meat eaters) including the ones from yesterday from 11:30 am till 5pm What a great day! From Sentry Shoal just south of Savary Island travelling up to Mitlenatch Island then Whilby Shoals, Quadra Island. They grouped up then spread out as they breached, tail slapped and interacted with one another and their food (seals and sealions). Great vocals too - I will be posting some to the website soon.

Sept 12 - 4 Killer whales / Orca Transients including T65B and female whose number I don't remember with scoliosis damage to her dorsal from 2 pm till 5 pm from Stag Bay, Hernando Island along the shoreline to Savary Island - I left them close to the Savary Island dock.

Sept 12 - 1 Harbour porpoise 12:30 pm between Marina and Cortez Islands closer to Mansons Landing

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sept 8 to 11 Whale, Dolphin and Porpoise Sightings

Sept. 11 - 2 Harbour porpoises at 4:30 pm by Smelt Bay, Cortez Island foraging.

Sept 11 - 12 Orca / Killer whales - possibly same Transients - 10am to 12pm spotted just outside Whaletown, Cortez Island and along Marina Island to Cortez Reef. They grouped up from different areas then headed N to Breton Islands.

Sept 10 - 2 Humpbacks 10am first spotted at Separation Head in Discovery Passage then 4pm down by Cape Mudge on Quadra Island.

Sept. 10 - 12 Orca / Killer whales (these were Transient Orca) from 9:25 am to 4pm by Cortez Island, Whaletown to Heriot Bay then Cape Mudge on Quadra Island. Lots of zig zagging they were pretty spread out. Last seen heading NW towards Campbell River.

Sept. 9 - 2 Dalls porpoise at 4:30 pm by Thurston Bay working the tide line.

Sept. 9 - 9 Dalls porpoises around 4pm in Nodales Channel below Sonora Pt. foraging close to shore in a northward direction.

Sept. 9 - 1 Pacific White Sided dolphin 3:30 pm top of Nodales Channel just above Sonora Pt. Unusual to see a lone dolphin, especially one that looked like a juvenile. It may have been separated from its group by Transient Orca.

Sept. 9 - 2 Dalls porpoise 2:30 pm - 3pm Cordero Island below Greene Point Rapids feeding in rips and then riding the bow of my boat SaltWash.

Sept. 9 - 2 Harbour porpoises around 10:30 am at the very top of Loughborough Inlet, McBride Bay were chasing fish. I had gone to look for the dolphins again, but didn't find them.

Sept. 8 - 4 Dalls porpoises around 5pm by Cordero Island just below Greene Point Rapids and the top of Maine Passage were foraging in the tide rips.

Sept. 8 - Around 500+ Pacific White Sided dolphins 2:30 pm till 4:00 pm were spread out and leaping, chasing feed, and generally being active part way up and to the mouth of Loughborough Inlet. I left them going west to Chancellor Inlet.

Sept. 8 - 4 Dalls porpoises around 12:45 pm at the bottom of Johnstone Strait, top of Discovery Passage by Walkem Islands were working the tide rips feeding.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whale sightings

The listing of whale sightings, dates and species will be posted to this blog starting the next few days and will continue every few days. The sightings list will start from mid-September whale sightings and I hope that you will join in by posting any sightings or comments you might have.

Apart from being away, which delayed postings, on my return I prepared and gave a talk in Powell River about the whales, dolphins and porpoises in and around the area. It was a bonus to be able to show photos and play short clips of the great vocals I recorded from some of the September 2010 whales that were around Texada, Harwood, Savary and Mitlenatch Islands.

My Home site has another species added: Harbour (or Harbor if you prefer) Porpoise.