Have You Seen Any of These?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Northern Resident Orcas and Porpoises to May 4

I received a huge surprise this morning when I heard about a Northern Resident Pod of Orca known as "G Pod" reported in Washington State May 1st. The report may be off by a couple of days, but my first thought was "What were they doing down there!" This is something quite unusual, but it was confirmed by Graeme Ellis of DFO out of Nanaimo from photos submitted that one of the whales was G39 with a damaged dorsal fin. Unfortunately the permissions for use of any photos on any blogs are not available yet. I will let you know when the photos are posted on Orca Network's site when they get permission.

May 4:
The only other report I received today was from AJ about 2 Harbour Porpoises he spotted closer to Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island as he headed into Sutil Channel around 9:30 am

In other areas:
The Gray Whales have not been spotted much over the past few days down south. Maybe most have made it up the coast.
And farther north-west there have been some Transient (meat eating) Killer Whales in Fife Sound, bottom of Queen Charlotte Strait.

I keep seeing what I believe to be blows out in front and around the Powell River area when I get a chance to scan the waters, but these blows seem to disappear till I spot another a few hours later. I can't watch the water long enough in one stretch to be able to confirm if what I see (usually before grabbing binoculars) is a whale or not. Please keep your eyes open and let me know - locally, give me a call: 604-485-9138 or email me at susan@whalesanddolphinsbc.com I'd love to hear from you. Our network is growing and that gives us the chance to learn and understand more about these wonderful animals.
Susan MacKay Whales and Dolphins BC